Personality Assessment

As a worker, Mr. Zen displays strong need for achievement and tends to focus on finishing a particular task before moving on another task. He displays a strong desire to work hard in order to achieve his work goals. (You can download excellent powerpoint slides about personality and career management HERE ).

As a chief in his department, he seems to use an iron hand approach in giving instructions and managing his staff. He is type of leader who is not willing to provide freedom and participation to his staff in doing their tasks. Instead, he will show his power to control his staff’s works to ensure that they did their jobs according to procedures. For instance, he checks the store room on a regular basis to monitor his staff’s work and to ensure that everything is in proper order. Beneath this strict enforcement and control, Mr. Zen admitted that he is forced to apply this style because the nature of the job requires for such. Nevertheless, the combination of his strong needs to control and his high attention to detail makes him a rigid and inflexible leader who is likely to irritate his staff. However, he believes that his style of working is effective in helping him to enforce discipline and code of good conduct amongst his staff. Continue reading