What is Quality Management? Quality Control and Quality Management

Every company has its own way to manage and maintain the sales and the quality of the goods and services in their company. There are a lot of factors and key aspects that companies usually do to make their existence in the society efficient and fruitful. These factors serve as the company’s economic tools to meet the basic needs and necessities of the societies.

All of these companies, organizations and manufacturers are striving just to obtain the goods and services that they would be offering and providing the society. These companies, organizations and manufacturers need to meet the requirements for the quality of their products and in this way, they can avoid such situations that can bring an impact to the market and to their sales as well. Continue reading

All You Need To Know About Quality Control

Quality control is a concept whereby organizations review the various systems in production to ascertain their quality and ensure that they are operating effectively. In this case it relates to the desired outcome of a particular undertaking. Control encompasses the checks and balances of ensuring a preferred outcome ensues.

It can be applied to various industries and organizations. They do not necessarily have to be profit making. Even non governmental organizations which are mostly service providers without profit intention can use it. This enables them to effectively assess how their systems are functioning and make recommendations to correct any deficiencies that may arise. Continue reading