What is Quality Management? Quality Control and Quality Management

Every company has its own way to manage and maintain the sales and the quality of the goods and services in their company. There are a lot of factors and key aspects that companies usually do to make their existence in the society efficient and fruitful. These factors serve as the company’s economic tools to meet the basic needs and necessities of the societies.

All of these companies, organizations and manufacturers are striving just to obtain the goods and services that they would be offering and providing the society. These companies, organizations and manufacturers need to meet the requirements for the quality of their products and in this way, they can avoid such situations that can bring an impact to the market and to their sales as well. Continue reading

Role of HRD in a Quality Improvement Effort

There really are three roles for HRD in a quality-improvement effort. First and most obvious is the education and training role. HRD is the natural re¬source for communicating management’s commitment to quality “to the troops” and shaping the skills of the work force. Crosby sees three educational roles in a quality-improvement program. Continue reading

American Business and Quality Management

American business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that Japan, not the United States, sets the standards of quality and excellence for manufactured goods in many markets. And, as sales figures testify, quality of goods and services — not price or clever marketing—is winning an enormous share of world trade for the Chinese and Japanese.

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But the evolving awareness that American industry is less and less able to deliver top-quality goods and services is stimulating a resolve to redress this abysmal state of affairs. Continue reading