Style of Leadership and Communication

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Ms. Leony has acquired more than 20 years of experience in hotel management, specifically in the banquet department. As a worker, she prefers to accomplish one task at a time and see it through to completion. Detail oriented, she puts great importance on the accuracy of details since the nature of her work involves a lot of administrative details such as especially assembly schedules or preparation of wedding events. She knows the needs and demands in a service industry because she has spent half of her life in this role.

As a Banquet Manager, Ms. Leony’s style of leadership is by way of teaching her subordinates. She monitors them closely and assigns tasks, which she deems is appropriate to their capabilities. Furthermore, she delegates and share tasks among her subordinates clearly and efficiently to ensure delivery on time. She is able to tell and enforce discipline to her subordinates when they make mistakes. Similarly when making decisions, she involves her team, gets their inputs but has the final word. She supports her decision based on her past experiences and weighs pros and cons before taking an action. At present, she revealed that she is now in the process of grooming potential candidates who can replace her in the future. Admittedly, she enjoys and loves her work and would like to see the continuity and progress of this department when she retires one day. Continue reading