Warehouse Management : Strategies to Develop an Efficient Warehouse

No matter how different companies are, one major complaint made by most business owners and operations managers is running out of enough space.

However, this can be solved by using the right warehouse strategies. Using the best warehouse strategy can help you lessen warehouse costs, increase capacity without the need to expand, cut down your cost per order and improve service levels in your distribution center or warehouse.

Since you will not need to spend some cash for building another warehouse, you’ll also become more competitive in the market. More than that, you can use the money that you will be able to save from it for other expenses that can help on the growth of your business.

Here are some warehouse strategies that you can use to deal with the space in your storehouse.

However, it is important to keep in mind that since every warehouse is different, each of them might also need a different solution. Some of these solutions require a significant amount of financial investment while others may need little or no monetary commitment. Always keep a trusted salesperson or a consultant to analyze the situation if you have any questions.

Use the right pallet rack
Using racks that are heavier than what’s required is not really a good idea. However, this issue is sometimes unavoidable with warehouses that use random slotting, but those that utilize dedicated slotting will discover that through using the proper beams, an inch or more every level can be saved through using smaller beams.

In some cases, if this is done properly, business owners will be able to free storage capacity by ten percent or more.

Pallet racking
One of the cost effective warehouse strategies that you can implement is using the lost space over the dock doors through utilizing pallet racking over this spot. Using this method allows you to store pieces of equipment that are rarely used or get rid of the empty pallets that take up the space in your warehouse.

There are lots of reasons why this warehouse strategy is useful. The most common is that it can save the company up to fifteen percent of the warehouse space for a significantly low price. Keep a reliable salesperson or a consultant before the construction as some building requirements are needed for this system.

Proper beam placement
Measure the lost space when the products have just been replenished through knowing the amount of space between the next beam and the top of the stored products. This warehouse strategy would best suit those warehouses that use dedicated slotting.

It offers the ultimate 2nd or multiple floor solution to one’s warehouse space problem. Mezzanines provide various uses from raised office to additional storage to machinery support. These items can also be used for capacities bigger than what a multi-level deck can provide.

Multi-level deck over a shelving system
Using a shelving system for smaller product storage would allow it to grow into a multi-level deck that would be more beneficial for your needs if you are after a cost effective warehouse strategy.

This method is more cost efficient than a mezzanine because of the reduced amount of steel required for providing additional floor levels. A floor for the 2nd second level, 3rd, 4th, 5th level and so on, will be provided by a steel grating on top of every row.

To have a multi-level deck, you can install a safety railing and a staircase or other additional equipment depending on the building codes of your company. Depending on the system you will use, you will be able to save up to 35-40% and effectively double the storage capacity of your warehouse.

Modular shelving
If possible, smaller products must be installed in shelving than pallet racking. This is because shelving utilizes thinner shelves compared to pallet racks, which in itself saves more space.

Modular shelving does not only use shelves, but also drawers, cabinets, computer cabinets, packing stations, coat closet and spools for wire. Have a trusted salesperson or an advisor examine your existing processes for a comprehensive analysis on space savings since every situation is unique.

Mobile shelving
This is a type of shelving that moves back and forth either automatically or manually. Mobile shelving gets rid of aisles and can double your storage space. Product velocity and cost are some factors to consider however, particularly product velocity, since you will lose fulfillment speed and order picking while waiting for it to make an opening for your staff to perform their job.

These are just some of the warehouse strategies that you can use to maximize the space in your warehouse. In the present economic climate, poor space planning and warehousing can greatly impact one’s business.

You can go online and look for the best warehouse strategy that suits your situation. This way, you will be able to use the space in your warehouse wisely and greatly benefit from it.