What are the Banking Products Under Corporate Banking?

Almost every bank now is offering its own banking products and services. Most of the time, these institutions are also offering financial advice from experts. This is to provide guidance and assistance to people in order for them to meet their financial demands. Basically, banks have the expertise to provide customized services to their customers, especially those that have specific requirements.

Overall, banks are committed in order to serve their clients, especially those with extensive branch of networking. However, there are some people under corporate banking who are not aware of these products. If you are one of these people, it is best for you to know more about corporate banking and the products it offers.

Project Loans
One of the products under corporate banking is project loan. From the name itself, this is being offered by most banking institutions in order to provide financial assistance to those people who want to open new projects. In addition to that, this product under corporate banking is also being offered to companies who want to expand.

The amount of money granted from applying in corporate banking can be used in financing the building, the vehicles, the equipment as well as the machineries mentioned. However, there are some requirements you need to secure if you are planning to apply in this program. It is best for you to inquire directly to the bank of your choice in order to know these requirements.

Working Capital Finance
Aside from the product of corporate banking mentioned, another program being offered is working capital finance. Particularly, this is one of the most common products being offered by most banking institutions. This is suited for businesses under the field of trading and manufacturing.

This is usually the common eligibility requirement in order for you to use the money under this program. Usually, the funds obtained under working capital loan can be used in the day-to-day expenses of the company, especially in the manufacturing of the services and the products being offered. Specifically, working capital products are composed of both the non-fund and the fund-based products.

Under the fund-based capital, this is more on the products including short-term loans for demand bank guarantees, packing credit, cash credit and draft. On the other hand, the non-based products are composed of the bid bonds, performance guarantees, bank guarantee and many more. Basically, this is the common corporate banking product you might encounter out there.

Lease Financing
Lease Financing is also one of the corporate banking products that are available for you. Like in the aforementioned products, this is also designed to specific companies and establishments. If you are planning to venture into a small-based kind of enterprises, this is the right corporate banking product that you can try.

The funds that you can get from applying in this kind of product can be used in acquiring the service equipment as well as all the major industrial machineries you need to secure. It is also important that you directly inquire on the administrators of this banking product in order for you to know the requirements and prerequisites you need to secure in the future.

Syndication Finance
Aside from the corporate banking products mentioned, another option available for you is syndication finance. Basically, this is being offered by commercial banks for companies that involve large-scale projects and are under the syndication arrangement.

These companies are usually in need to raise huge credit or money in order for the company to operate. The arrangement also allows banks to share their expertise to the other people in order to diversify their credit risks. Specifically, syndication loans are already extended by several banks. If you are planning to take advantage of this kind of corporate banking product, make sure that you inquire directly to the administrator.

Trade Finance
Furthermore, you can also find banking institutions offering you trade finance corporate banking product. Under this product, there are sub-programs that you can apply for. Examples of these are letter of credit, loan against trust receipt and the loan against imported merchandise.

Of course, there are also some requirements you need to secure if you are planning to take advantage of these programs. It is best for you to inquire to the administrator of the loan to know the requirements needed in applying for such corporate banking products under trade finance.

In case you are not aware on what corporate banking products are available in most banking institutions, these are the products that you need to keep in mind. Now that you already know these products, it would be very easy for you to select the right one you need. Keep in mind that every product has its own indication. So make sure that you know these things before you apply for the corporate banking product of your choice.