What is Employee Engagement Level and How to Measure It?

Given the fact that employees are the greatest assets of a company, employee engagement is the key success of any organization. Employee engagement will help a company to maintain productivity among its staffs by keeping the workers engaged and enjoy their works.

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This strategy will also increase the level of working performance which in turn creates a positive influence to the company.

• Responsibility
Employee engagement should be started by superiors’ attitudes to accept the responsibility that they must keep their subordinates engaged. Employee engagement wholly depends on their attempts to increase workers’ awareness in the importance of their job. Research has found that keeping the workers engaged results in the increasing level of performance of the team.

• Communication
To develop employee engagement, effective communication must be made. Create a friendly approach to encourage dialogs among all workers within the workplace. Employees who are given the opportunity to speak out their opinions show a higher level of performance than those who do not. Through this kind of employee engagement, workers will feel that they are being respected.

Regular communication about business direction, changes in department or other topics with the employees will make them feel that their voices are being valued. This type of employee engagement will strengthen the relationship between the employer and employees which thus affects employees’ performance.

• Empowerment
Another way to create employee engagement in the office is by allowing employees to make a decision. Although you are a superior to them, you should not dominate the decision making action as wholly yours.

Give them enough trust to make smaller to bigger decision in their work while you are subtly guide them. Taking all the right to decide as yours will lower his or her self esteem which can also become backfire if after that, they keep asking you to decide for them.

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• Rewards
Developing employee engagement can be done by giving rewards to the workers. This is important to make him or her feel appreciated. Look at what he or she has done; whether they make significant contribution to reaching the mission of the company or the goals of a certain project. While giving the rewards, they must also be adjusted with the needs of the related employee.

Since there are many kinds of employee engagement, you must select one which suits you best. In addition, engagement must be done regularly so that the result will come to maximum. Thus, with fully engaged workers, there is a great chance for your business to run better.