What is Investment Banking ?

When speaking of investment banking, there are lots of people who are always scared about the topic. This is simply because they think that this venture is risky. Well, this is partially right.

Any kinds of investing including investment banking have its own risks and danger. However, these risks are minimized when you are aware of the things about the matter.

In fact, you can find lots of success stories in the internet about those people who have successfully earned the money they want through this kind of venture. If you are interested in investment banking, it is important that you know more information about the matter first.

What is Investment Banking?
When speaking of investment banking, this is where a certain bank is helping other companies in order to raise the capital they need in sustaining their operation.

In addition to that, investment banking is also concerned about giving pieces of advice to these companies especially in terms of buying and selling versus commercial bank and regular bank. Nowadays, there are also extended services and functions that this kind of banking endeavor is offering. One of which is their services on holding money in forms of deposits, and such money is being lent to others with specified rates.

What is Capital Raising?
Capital raising is one of the important aspects of investment banking. This involves helping other companies to raise the capital they need in order to fund their daily expenses. Usually, investment banking gives the working capital needed in expanding the business. In addition to that, this type of banking also supplies capital expenditures or capex. In terms of raining money, the company has different options available. These are borrowed money from a bank, raise debt in capital markets and raise equity in capital markets.

Once the company borrowed money from a certain banking institution, the overall transaction is almost similar to a person who is borrowing money from a bank. There is basically an interest rate which is agreed before the money is given to the applicant. The interest rate is where the company gets its own money.

This is also where the company gets its own funds in order to finance their employees or staff. On the other hand, there is difference when it comes to raising money from the capital market. Raising equity or debt involves the selling of securities to the outside investors.

Overall, this is a very lengthy process which involves sales tour around road show. When it comes to the interest rate, this is determined based on the market. This is the highest rate by which the market is willing to provide to the service provider of investment banking.

Advisory Services
Aside from lending capital, another function of investment banking is to provide advisory services to their customers. Under this service, investment banking institutions provide information on how much should one pay, how the entire transaction should be properly structured and how will the transaction will be financed. With the help of these questions, investment banking professionals will be helped along the way.

In terms of the fees, these are usually being tied based on transaction value. This means that the bigger the deal is, the greater the money that the bankers might receive.

Research Services
Research is also an extended function of investment banking. Usually, there are lots of banks offering research arm that can help and support the two primary services mentioned. Usually, there is research analysts involved, which does the research regarding certain business.

The research services of investment bankers also help investors to know some guides in order to come up with an effective and fruitful investment decision. Though research services require some amount of funds, this provides vital function in terms of helping companies come up with the best decision in the future.

Other Services
Aside from the services mentioned, there are also additional services you need to know under investment banking. Examples of these are restructuring as well as securing venture capital, sales and trading and many more. However, these are just smaller pieces of the entire business. This still depends on the institution or the bank if they will offer these additional services to their customers.

If you have no idea on what investment banking is all about, these are some of the things you need to keep in mind. Now, you already know exactly what the subject is and the services it has in store for the public. However, you need remember that this form of niche is not as easy to establish as the typical businesses you can find out there.

This requires you to have proper background about the business itself. You can orient you on what investment banking is by simply reading some related information sources online. This article is one of these information sources that can help you.