What is Lean Manufacturing – The Works and the Beneficial Effects of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a process that covers beneficial system for the company. This is a great approach for the betterment of every department that are contributing for the success of the products and services that they offer in the market. In these particulars, a company can always reduce the possible errors and wastes of the main system up to the least system of the business.

Valuing every factor, even if it is just a waste, in the business is very important to promote a profitable way of expenses and production. By the help of Lean Manufacturing, businesses and factories can always be satisfied and contented to the results that will come from these waste that are being neglected and thrown most of the time by the people who do not really know the benefits of these excess materials.

Every system or process has a function and the main purpose of Lean Manufacturing is to manage and create the most profitable solution for the waste of the business. This is the kind of production that looks forward for the betterment of the waste and how it can be used for the profit of the company. Streamline materials are all beneficial for the company for the reason that it compose of the elements which are promising in functionality, it’s just most of the people and management can’t see those possibilities.

Aside from the materials, the Lean Manufacturing also has the work to give more reason for the personnel of the company to be more dedicated in their work. In this kind of process, the organization is responsible for the following results that will be created by a particular group of staff in the management.

This is a proper way of improving the staffs that are working in the organization. One of the objectives of Lean Manufacturing is not to eliminate and replace the ineffective and inefficient people in the organization, but make them more competitive in their every line of work in the way of placing this people in the part of work that they can be more productive and effective.

When an organization uses this kind of approach in the human resources management, they can now eliminate all the wasted motions which are present in the system of the business. By eliminating these unnecessary elements in the business, there is a great possibility that the company can always meet its objective and target incomes for the reason that its people is working in the line of department which is suitable in their expertise and knowledge. Employees can receive now the possible compensation that they deserve.

There are actually seven wastes that are being removed in the system just by using this kind of approach and here they are:

As long as there is an overproduction, some of the products that are being generated by the company are not being utilized. This only means that these excess are not being sell in time until the time pass by that they just become a waste in the factory and storage warehouses of the company. Having these materials in the warehouses are not beneficial for the reason that they are occupying the large area in this place and it can lessen the production created by the money of the management.


As long as there is a presence of waiting in the system, the process of production will never move on. As a result, the management will always have to wait for another project until theses excess are sold in time. They really have to wait for this product to be sold for to prevent again these supplies to be a waste in the company.


Wondering why? This is because the delay in the production is also a delay in the process of the transportation. Supplies that are being delivered in the wrong and late time will not be profitable for the business. As a result, most of the business partners of yours, which are being considered as a big group of consumer, will think that your production processes are slow and not reliable in terms of time frames and management.

Inappropriate Processes

Better to be sophisticated and monitor this one in a professional way because it covers the most sensitive phase in the system. These inappropriate processes can create unworthy products. As long as they are inefficient, the tendency is it will not pass the standards that are being set by the market and consumers. It is just a waste of time and financial stability having this kind of process in the system for the reason that it delays the distribution and success of the business that will come from the possible income that it will gain in the selling procedures.

Unnecessary Inventory

Better to check on this one because it covers the supplies that you have for the better production of your items. In this phase, the materials that are being used are all converted into a big bunch of waste for the reason that most of the time they are being utilized in a wrong and ineffective way. Maintaining this kind of act in the system is not good because the company is not just wasting money, they also waste the possible profits that they can earn in a particular project.

Excess Motion for the Employees

Aside from the overproduction that has been tackled a while ago, this waste is also considered as a worst part for the business. As usual, the company will pay for the effort of its people, but paying them most of the time is not worthy for the reason that they are no more productive in their line of work. As the Lean Manufacturing remove this kind of waste, employees can be more effective in their line of. work which is better for the success of the business.


As the company remove the defects in the system, they will always have the opportunity to be more competitive in the market because they are producing functional and profitable products and services.