Brand Mindset, Brand Value and Brand Focus

However, unless they also understand the right things to do, i.e., understand and execute a BrandMindset, they may not achieve genuine brand status over the long term. There are five fundamental brand paradigm shifts that can be utilized by organizations to develop a more distinctive perception and enhance their brand equity. They include brand leverage, brand discipline, brand playing field, brand focus, and brand value. Continue reading

Productivity Improvement and Business Economy

America’s seriously declining productivity at last is receiving the broad attention and concern it deserves. Labor, business and government leaders have become convinced that without improved productivity our country as we now know it will not survive.

But recognition alone is not enough where a problem of this magnitude exists. We are like a giant ship in the open seas. Once a decision is made to change course, it is many miles and minutes before any results become apparent. Continue reading

CEO with HR Background and Experience

Why are companies only now talking about their human resources? In part, government legislation in areas such as affirmative action forces management to pay closer attention to how employees are hired and promoted or face expensive lawsuits. But Andrew Sherwood, senior partner with the Goodrich and Sherwood Company, maintains it is also a corporate response to the post-Depression work ethic. Continue reading

From HRD Managers to CEO

At the same time, reports from Heidrick and Struggles indicate that competition for the CPO’s chair will increase, with a ripple effect to be felt down through the ranks. Ambitious, young college graduates will choose personnel or HRD as a path to the top, the company predicts, and more line managers will transfer into staff functions for “broadening experiences” in the quest for the mantle of president. Continue reading

Salary for Training Managers and Trainers

A new figure of power is moving into the corporate circle of strategic decision makers, report Korn/Ferry and Heidrick and Struggles, the nation’s two largest executive search firms. The trend has profound implications for trainers and human resources development (HRD) managers seeking to move up the company ladder, says David Brinkerhoff, president of Abbott-Smith Associates, the leading executive recruiter in the training field.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

The new executive goes by several names, from Vice President/Human Resources to Chief Personnel Officer (CPO). Brinkerhoff predicts trainers and HRD managers will be strongly represented among the new CPOs of this decade. As such, they’ll enjoy unprecedented clout: a vice-president’s title, an officer’s chair and a voice in strategic planning. But they’ll also have to abandon a long-cherished fan¬tasy— that of an HRD empire that’s a corporate power unto itself. Continue reading

Building High Performance and Effective Team

High-performance team leaders must be experts in the unit’s activity and prepared to function as pacesetters and mentors.

The leadership of a high-performance unit presents a unique challenge. Members of such a unit generally function best under leadership which supports risk-taking, provides feedback, honors goal clarity, rewards initiative, encourages growth and demands excellence. Leaders of high-performance units sometimes become quasi-mythical figures. Vince Lombardi is an example. Continue reading