Social Media Recruitment Strategy

There are over thousands of conferences held in a year around the world, many people attend those conferences, do they even learn? In true facts many people don’t even listen to what the person is saying half of them time. As these conferences there was a recent conference that was on social media and recruitment strategy.

For those of you who don’t know what recruitment strategies are they need to understand a few things. Recruitment strategies include different strategies which will help you in getting a job. Every year there is a huge conference on social media and recruitment strategy, where people share their success stories. Continue reading

Lean Manufacturing – Taking Waste Out And Putting Value In

In management philosophy, there are many terms that look nebulous, sound neat but do not do much. We thought out of the box, created synergies and had blue sky thoughts. But did it yield us better business? Lean manufacturing however yields results, increases profit and cuts costs. Organizations could not ask for more.

Toyota pioneered the term and practice in the nineties. Essentially, they looked at their processes and focused on eliminating every part of manufacture that didn’t deliver value to the customer. Value meaning anything that the client would not be willing to pay for. Continue reading

First Impression in Job Interview

When we are in the last year of our graduation, we have always been wondering that where we will be applying for a job. For that, we work very hard on making our CV or resume look as impressive as possible. Impressive CV and resume will play a role of getting us to the next stage which is considered as the most important factor in getting the job. Testing time would start when we get an interview call.

All of our education and good grades will come in handy whenever we get an interview call. From our childhood we have heard ‘first impression is the last impression’ and that is very important if taken seriously. There is a very slight chance that you might have to go through only one interview because nowadays as competition is increasing, you will be going through number of stages of interview. Continue reading

The Computerized Maintenance Management Information System

The computerized maintenance management information system is a software program that stores the relevant information about the maintenance operations that take place in a company.Because of its nature, this program is best for hospitals, factories or other companies that require the use of more than one machines to run their operations. In depth details of how this software works is given below.

To start using this software, the operator must first input all the relevant information into the maintenance computer. This should include: names of maintenance personnel, machines and all the relevant figures including inventory of materials and cost of specific items and possibly services. The software will then process the information and produce many different types of reports that will help the operators to decide what functions to perform. Continue reading

How Stable Banking Industry Is?

Because of the presence of financial crisis not just one part of the world but almost in all countries in the different continents, there are sudden changes in all the commerce and institutions offering banking industry services to lots of people.

Basically, there is a noticeable exposure of some institutions into bad debts which has resulted to a fragile banking industry which is even worse than before. This is very alarming since those people who are planning to enter the banking industry might have difficulty in finding its way in this field. Continue reading

Managing Supplier Performance In A Business

Managing supplier performance is critical for performance and competitiveness in the market for any company. This is because companies have increasingly grown to depend on outside suppliers, which has given rise to a transformation in the way businesses understand and perceive as well as the improvement of performance as crucial. This is the trend in the globalized world, and so it is essential for business competitiveness.

There are various factors that have brought about this rapid transformation in the world of suppliers and their performances. First, there is an increase in outsourcing and reliance for products, as well as services from suppliers. Businesses and chains of supply have become globalized. Lastly, management of supplier has grown to be more complex and more risky. Continue reading