Job Interview: Dos and Don’ts

Regardless of what position people aim for and the conditions of the interview, it’s always helpful to stay prepared and know a few things about the company and position. People will send a very effective message of being the best candidate for the job by presenting themselves in the best manner and avoiding some of the common mistakes. When people master these job interview dos and don’ts, they will significantly increase their chances of getting accepted for the position. Here are some tips from the experts. Continue reading

Citibank Business Strategy

Citibank is the largest international bank and a consumer banking arm when it comes to financial services. Citibank built its own foundation in the year 1852 as a trusted “City Bank of New York”.

Later on, it became the “First National City Bank of New York”.

In the year 2010, Citibank became the 3rd largest bank company in the US based on its total assets. Citibank serves different countries all over the world. It has a retail-banking operation in more than 160 countries and more than half of its offices are located in United States. Continue reading

What is Lean Enterprise?

Not all products being sold and seen in every store are preferred to be bought by customers. Half or a huge part of everything displayed in stores remain as that or at most scrutinized by customers but has never passed their liking and ending up not generating sales from it.

In business, that is not a good sign, for they may end up with loss or if it continues it may straightly lead to bankruptcy. Some have arrived with practices that could save and prevent them from gaining much loss and has applied it up to the present.

Lean enterprise is one of the practices that manufacturers apply from preventing them to be in a situation like that. The principle of that practice is concerned with the usage of resources concerned with the process of an organization. When one of the steps in that process failed to make value it is eliminated. Continue reading

Key Financial Instruments to Save Your Life

If you want to be successful in life, you need to know the financial instrument that will help you get the success you need. There are lots of financial instruments in life that you need to determine.

Each of these instruments has its own advantages, disadvantages and characteristics. Here are some of the financial instruments that you need to learn.

Career – if you are an employee, it is definitely a great advantage. You will have medical benefits, fixed salary every month and of course, benefits that will make your career worthy.

Another advantage is that once you have a career, you can take advantage of the benefits and opportunities offered by the company. Continue reading

What is Capital Adequacy Ratio?

Capital Adequacy Ratio is the ratio that determines the capacity of the bank to meet time liabilities or other risks including operational risk, credit risk, etc. This measures the amount of the bank’s capital that is expressed through percentage of the bank’s risk credit exposures.

For a simple formulation, the capital of the bank is considered as the cushion for any potential loses. This is created to be able to protect the lenders and depositors.

The banking regulators for most of the countries monitor and defines Capital Adequacy ratio to give protection to the depositors. Continue reading