Job Interview: Dos and Don’ts

Regardless of what position people aim for and the conditions of the interview, it’s always helpful to stay prepared and know a few things about the company and position. People will send a very effective message of being the best candidate for the job by presenting themselves in the best manner and avoiding some of the common mistakes. When people master these job interview dos and don’ts, they will significantly increase their chances of getting accepted for the position. Here are some tips from the experts.

The Things to Do
1. Know the company. Study the company thoroughly by asking for literature or visiting the official website. Learn the key details like when the company was founded, where it is based, what are the best products and offerings, who are the top people in the company and what the names of the interviewers are.

It is also best to fully memorize the job description so that the answers provided by the applicant will match the requirements set by the company. Also learn about the relative objectives and nature of the company then determine the proper skill set and behavior that will make the applicant the best choice.

2. Physical preparations. Always look and smell good when going for a job interview. The job interview dos and don’ts will include a number of things particularly on physical appearance. The person should dress formally and wear a business suit. The shoes and clothes must be clean and free of folds and tears.

Avoid wearing very flashy clothes and accessories. Women can wear makeup but minimize the jewelry and accessories. Men should only wear a watch and choose a good looking tie. Applicants should always be early when coming for an interview to convey interest.

3. Communicate effectively. The interview will be based a lot on the ability of the person to answer questions. People should speak in a loud and clear voice. They have to be certain of their answers. Always match the details in the resume with facts and be prepared to cite references and work experiences to better describe what’s in the documents. Answer questions directly and stay focused throughout the interview. Listen to questions carefully to provide the right answers.

Things to Avoid
1. Disrespecting the interviewer. One of the biggest don’ts in job interview is showing disrespect to the interviewer. Even if the interviewer tends to ask questions that might stress the applicant, he should never show discontent or negative feelings. Address the interviewer using “Sir” or “Ma’am” and wait until he or she is finished speaking before answering the question.

2. Being overly confident or timid. Applicants should refrain from displaying overconfidence or shyness when being interviewed. Too much confidence will offend a lot of interviewers while being shy or timid will convey a withdraw attitude that’s not right for the job.

These job interview do’s and don’ts must be remembered well by the applicant if he wishes to be successful in the task and finally land the position.