Basic Selling Skills

Have you ever felt that on a particular day your selling business did not go as expected? Was it because of the lack of sellers on the counter or did you feel that you and other salespeople were not as effective as you could have been? Did you feel that you lack the art of selling?

There might be strong possibility that you are unaware of the basic selling skills that every salesperson should be aware of. What are the principles of these selling skills is what we will disclose as we proceed. Basic selling skills allow the individuals to develop marketing strategies along with the profit and loss benefits as well as learning to use the social techniques of networking.

For new sales representatives, being left alone is a major disaster because they are new to the practicality of the situation. They wind up messing up the situation because they really try hard to work along the theoretical part of selling and fail to focus on the client’s needs and interests.

It is like learning to drive for the very first time. Have you felt that you tend to focus on the accelerator when what you really need to be doing is looking straight at the road or at the rearview mirror. This is exactly what a new sales rep. goes through during the first phase of the experience. The manager does not intend to leave them alone but because of the nature of work this might happen at times.

Basic selling skills do not come to you like a ready-made dish. They need to be learnt and practiced. The selling skills have to be adopted by the sales rep. the moment he enters the field of marketing. This is an essential part of the practice of salespeople. Following are a few basic principles which form the backbone of the selling skills:

i. The structure of the sales should be such that it should focus on the needs of the customer.
ii. Investigate tactfully about the customers’ interests and needs
iii. Be confident to take the risk at the prospect of the client and let off the incumbent.
iv. Your negotiation skills must be effective

The current times are extremely competitive. Hence it is necessary to recognize the basic selling skills. For that you need to evaluate the basic sales system. In order to excel in your business, you must go beyond the subject matter. You must learn to be a salesperson. There are times that you may find the whole business crumbling down.

But you need to realize that this is not the case all the time. It is just part of the phase to be unsuccessful. Learn from your mistakes as it helps in improving the next time you face your client or your competitor. There are different ways of dealing with your client.

Make sure you are confident about the selling skills. You must remain calm at all times. In cases when you do feel nervous, try to take fresh air as it helps in making you feel lighter and stress-free. There are times that you are bogged down by the whole situation easily.

As a basic selling skills rule, you must learn to make an impression. There should be no anxiety showing on your face. You must learn to develop an excellent rapport with your client. For this you must learn to talk it out with him. Be the questioner.

Ask him as many questions as you can. You must learn to develop a plan for each appointment that you take with your client. Make sure you qualify the vision of that selling product. Each product has its own prospect. Built a rapport with each one of them. There is a strong possibility that you face objections from your clients. Learn to overcome them. Also, you should know when and how to close the sale.

New sales reps. are often victim of costly mistakes. Would you not want to be the one avoiding such mistakes? You must learn to make changes in your existing sales techniques and revise your basic selling skills. You should learn to acknowledge your responsibilities and not run away from them. In order to be a productive salesperson you need to abide by the following rules:

i. Know what your competitors know
ii. Be compatible to the competitive market. Have the mindset and the selling skills of a pro.
iii. Learn to upgrade
iv. Have a purpose for your job otherwise you will always be confused and unsatisfied with yourself.
v. Be aware of your time and money. It should not go wasted. Hence be very conscious of your moves towards your client.
vi. Maintain an ethical path. It is better than suffering from immorality.

There is always a better way out when it comes to hardcore selling. But if you know the basic selling skills you will never be worried about the level of the pressure. It is all about knowing your job well enough to deal with your client. Always have an upper hand. This is another basic selling skill. Be sincere to your client. Give him suggestions if you feel that would help him make decisions. Never propose the concession to the client.

The client tends to make hefty bargains. Wait for him to do that. If he accepts the initial price, never say a word after that. That will always lead to a profitable end to a hectic day in the market. You can make this even more interesting by practicing it on a regular basis.

Awareness of the basic selling skills is significant in the era of recession. The salespersons have to be very careful about each and every move they make. A single mistake by the salesman may lead to a major decline in the cost. You must know how to do deal with the difficult clients. The best tactic is to learn and plan the ways prior to any such encounter.