Job Description of Operations Manager

One of the most important personnel in any company, organization or institution is the operations manager. This person plays a very important role so before hiring him, it is important to check his background, credentials and qualifications.

Hiring the wrong person will have a great impact in the operation and profitability of the business.

The operations manager is mostly needed in many industries typically as a storefront or in operation for retail business. His main role is to minimize or eliminate the day-to-day problems in the business operations and to ensure that the highest level of customer service will be achieved.

The job description of Operations Manager has a wide scope and the following are some of them:

1. Formulates Company Policies
This is the heart of his duty because companies operate according to policies and procedures on a day-to-day basis.

He is not only going to formulate these policies but he should implement and make sure that every employee follows them. If problems arise in their adherence such as failure to follow, he should know the appropriate disciplinary actions in order to facilitate a smooth operation.

2. Sets Plans
Any organization sets various plans whether short-term or long term, as they operate in order to achieve whatever their vision is. Good planning is necessary to yield good results and this is one of his major concerns.

In business, the operations manager determines what products are necessary to be bought and sold, how he will market this product, and who will be his personnel. His plans must also coincide with other departments to avoid conflicts.

3. Controls and Schedule the Company’s Resources
Resources in the company should be well controlled, and the operations manager is the one accounted for it. He should keep an eye on the date of payment of payroll, the appropriate salary the employees should earn, how many benefit packages should be given, and the right budget for their daily operation. He is also responsible in reviewing the finances to make sure the company is running smoothly.

4. Communicates the Need of Each Department
Every department has specific needs and the operations manager should be the one to communicate it to the executive members of the organization. He should also know how to deal with other managers in other departments, and even with other companies to ensure and maintain the smoothness of the operation. The operations manager also gathers all the necessary records, data, and pertinent information needed to be submitted to the higher authorities within the company for further evaluation.

5. Maintains a Good Working Environment
The operations manager has to strive hard to maintain a good working relationship and a positive atmosphere among his staff. He conducts meetings to solve different issues, listens to every complaint, praises achievements, and sets a good example to be followed. He also ensures the safety of the employees’ environment and knows what he must do in case an emergency arises.

6. Evaluates Employees
The success of an operation will also depend on the performance of every employee. Although they work as a team, each of them plays a vital role that is why it is necessary for the operations manager to evaluate their working performance.

The feedback coming from him is essential to further enhance the skills of employees and is also a great factor in resolving conflicts in the workplace.

7. Recruits and Trains Other Workers
One of the most difficult jobs of an operations manager is to find workers whether for replacement or for additional employees because this takes time. He is responsible for announcing any vacancies and informing top executives about the need of new employees. He will be the one to assign tasks to these new recruits and will supervise them in their trainings to make sure that they are doing their jobs well.

8. Manages Risks
In every operation, many legal issues may arise such as copyright, licensing, antitrust, partnerships, and many more. The operations manager in this case will serve as a liaison to legal counsel and will be the one to address these issues. He is also ensures that insurance policies are well observed.

Since the job description of operations manager is so diverse, knowledge and experience is very important.

For those who would like to enter this field, patience must be improved. Work hard and continue in developing yourself in order to meet the demands of your work. If reinventing yourself is needed, you should do it if you want to help your company and achieve personal gain.

And for those who are operating any organization, they should not rely completely on their operations manager. Expect that he will encounter difficulties and will also need support and understanding from higher authorities.
Now, you are already aware of the job descriptions of operations manager.