Becoming an Excellent Sales Executive

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Ms. Wanty project herself as a person who aspires to consistently achieve the best among her peers. Ambitious with an inner drive to achieve, she is able to do multi tasks at a time in order to reach her goal. Indeed, during her tenure in Sun Hotel since 1999 as Sales Executive, she has consistently been able to display above average achievements.

Over the last two years, she was able to increase Room Night Occupancy (RNO) from 73/month to 500/month in the corporate accounts segment, her current portfolio. She was also able to increase RNO in her other segment, embassy segment, from 43/month to 100/month. In another instance, with her peer from front office, she also played an instrumental role in getting a large group (200 persons) to stay for more than 3 months in Sun Hotel. For her role in getting, this group she was awarded bonus by management.

In the process of achieving her goals, Ms. Wanty tends to be tough and firm with others. She likes to control and influence others to do what she wants to do, rather than being influenced or controlled by others. She has also strong need to be forceful — meaning that she prefers to openly and assertively express her demands to others. These traits make her appear tough and dominant in her dealings with people as she tends to force her own ideas to others. Although this character at times support her to successfully meet her goal, at the same token, it is likely to irritate some of her peers and clients thus creating an unpleasant working climate.

Ms. Wanty seems to have slow working tempo and may need special efforts to endure demanding tasks. When probed, she admitted that this is caused by her sickly physical make-up which is becoming a recurring health problem. Proactive, she claims that she can manage her weakness by being alert to the early signs of fatigue. She carries her medicinal supplies every time and self-treats her illness.

Her health problems does not stop her from her work although she has been on a long sick leave prior to date of our meeting. She has an ability to make quick decisions although her decisions may sacrifice accuracy for the sake of speed. She tends to be impatient in making decisions to quickly arrive at conclusions with less care and consideration. In one instance, she decided to rent a functional room to her client without consulting with her peers in banquet who have already booked the room. Although she could easily resolve the problem, this incident stirred the work atmosphere and indicated her careless move and overlooking details.

To get and maintain good business with her clients, Ms. Wanty pays regular visits to them at least four to five client calls per day. During her visits, she equips herself with the latest information related to clients’ business so that she sparks a professional discussion with them. This is an added value which although does not have a “rupiah” worth generates a priceless impact to the relationship. By doing so, she is able to maintain and build a professional business relationship which is one of the key performance indicators in her job.


Ms Wanty appears as a person who likes to build great relationship with people in general. Although she likes to interact, she seems to be self-reliant and prefers to be independent from others in doing her tasks. She also enjoys the spotlight and seeks recognition from others to acknowledge her contributions. Flexible and adaptable to diversified situations, she feels comfortable to face ideas of change and a variety of tasks. Meanwhile, her emotional nature indicates that she is apparently emotionally unstable, and at times, can be expressive about her feelings.


• Displays a high need
• Achieve best results
• Open to new ideas and variety of change
• Able to do multitask at a time
• Proactive and alert
• Resourceful and shows initiative at work

• Sometimes too domineering and has high ambitions. Her high expectations may annoy others and create unpleasant work climate.
• Experiencing health problem which can hinder her mobility and energy level
• Tends to act quickly without careful examination


Ms. Wanty has vast experiences as Sales Executive both in Sun Hotel and other hotels as well. She spent her career as sales in such hotel as Santika Semarang Hotel, Sun Hotel Solo and Graha Santika Bali, before joining Sun Jaya Hotel in 1999. She has responsibility to manage three segments : corporate, international and embassy accounts.

Ms. Wanty has great aspirations to achieve and be the best. Her ambitious desire pushes her to continually exert her best efforts to achieve her goals. Despite her health problems that sometimes hinder her mobility, she is able to utilize her inner driven to accomplish her tasks. Her high need to control and her demanding nature, however, tend to giver her an image of a tough person who tends to dominate. Beyond her knowledge this display of character may cause displeasure among her peers. Although she is quick in making decisions, she has tendency to overlook details and jump to conclusions too fast without careful consideration to accuracy.

Her sociability is one of her assets which had supported her well in her sales jobs. She knows how to position herself (leverage), by studying her clients industry before a visit. She seems to be focused even in her socializing that she places great importance and first priority to build relations only for professional interests. She places personal and non-business/work-related affairs at the last.

Ms. Wanty has proven that she is a contributor, an asset and not a liability to Sun Jaya Hotel. She has consistently been able to contribute to the sales revenue and increase hotel occupancy rooms in the past months. Her strong determination and her high need for achievement are her major strengths to support her future performance. However, to improve her performance –especially her interaction with her peers — she needs to modify her dominant character and show empathy to other’s view. She also needs to pay close attention to details before making decision and not easily jump to conclusion.

When the above traits are modified, we find Ms. Wanty to be one of the Sun Jaya hotel’s valuable contributors and we recommend her for further career development.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.