Becoming a Great Sales Executive

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Mr. Bernanke’s work profile indicates that he is a versatile worker. He has worked in several departments from food and beverage, front office, cashiering, accounting, purchasing and now, in sales as one of six Sales Executives. Despite his limited educational attainment, he learned on the job and worked his way up. For this, he values hard work and exerts effort when performing his tasks projecting the hardworker image. Although only two years in sales and marketing department, Mr. Bernanke has displayed hard work by being persistent in his follow-up on clients which contributed to an increase in RNO for the last two months. He also likes to do several things at a time; however, there is a tendency that he is not able to finish what he started.

He does things in a practical way. He does not like too long planning nor is interested in theories and concepts. He prefers to act and decide fast as long as it is within his area of jurisdiction. In his previous role in accounting, he informed us that, fast action is required in order not to accumulate problems. Thus, when making decisions, he is willing to take a risk and will think of the consequence later.

Mr. Bernanke is used to working alone which seems to suit his personality. He did not have the opportunity to exercise leadership skill because he has no subordinates. He only leads his own self. He regards himself as an ordinary worker who likes to work within rules. He will follow what is told and will do his best to deliver results. With this in mind, he expects others to be like him. Latecomers, undisciplined workers and those who disobey rules annoy him.


Mr. Bernanke is a social introvert who is more job-oriented than people-oriented. However, when the situation calls, he modifies his behavior accordingly. In sales, he attributes his success in achieving the sales target due to his frequent telephone calls and sales visits to his segment, the industrial sector.

His emotional nature indicates that he is an open and direct person. He will not hide his feelings and emotions, saying what he feels and what he wants. As an example, he likes to remark to the latecomers about their tardiness. He tends to comment on other’s mistakes but may not necessarily realize his own mistakes. It appears that he is fixated with complaints about the working environment and the people working around him.

Towards change, his profile shows that when it comes to managing change there is an internal conflict within him. He demands a change but does not want to take any blame or responsibility when something goes wrong. He behaves in such a way that he wants environment to adapt to him instead of adapting to the new environment.


• A self-starter who learns on the job.
• Persevering and wants to deliver the best he can.
• Physically energetic who can manage tasks that require mobility.
• Highly-spirited, versatile worker.

• Needs to improve his English language.
• Sometimes lazy to finish of what he started.
• Unclear about the changes in his working environment, still searching for the sport, which will make him personally satisfied.
• Needs to be emotionally mature by applying an open communication. He has the tendency to keep grudges.
• Limited potentials for personal growth and career development.


Mr. Bernanke is currently experiencing change in his work direction in Sun Hotel. From accounting to sales and marketing, it is a significant change in working environment where his adaptability and sociability is put to a test. Nevertheless, he seemed to have excelled in sales as reflected in the achievements of sales target. Although, he is relatively new in sales, he claims to have contributed an increase in the industrial sector segment. When verified with his superiors, this was confirmed but different opinions and comments were expressed.

As a worker, Mr. Bernanke to be the hard worker type who will maximize all efforts and do his best to deliver good results. He started from the bottom and moved up the organizational ladder because of his contributions and performance. He is a self-starter and learned the “hows” in doing things out of his own experience. In sales, despite the non-sales training, he managed to compete with his fellow sales executives even though, some say, that it was a mere coincidence. The fact that he was persistent in follow-up led to success.

On the other hand, Mr. Bernanke poses a character problem, which is his temperament. He has a tendency to nurture grudge and is likely to create an unfavorable working relationship. This is one weakness, which needs to be addressed by his superior or management. In addition, he does not seem fit to occupy a managerial level due to his limited potentials. He looks contented in a subordinate role and is definitely a worker type. It is imperative that his superior monitors him closely and extends the appropriate style of leadership. For these reasons, we have reservations in recommending him for further promotion. Since he is doing good as sales executive at present, keep him motivated for better results.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.