Conducting Campus Recruitment Process

If you would like to conduct a campus recruitment program, you have to plan for it well. The succeeding paragraphs will reveal you the best steps on how to ensure the success of this type of program. With the help of these steps, you will walk out of the university or college with the accepted appointment letter copies of the potential applicants.

The step in designing a campus recruitment program is divided into three processes such as pre-recruitment, recruitment and post recruitment.

Pre-recruitment Process
This process requires a high degree of preparedness. Thus, you must do the following:

• Acquire the heads of the business to share the number of individuals required from the colleges or universities as part of the graduate or management training program. It would be very useful to acquire the locations of posting cited along with the number of manpower to be recruited.

• Determine the roles befitting the graduate or management trainees when it comes to competencies and skills. It is essential to note that most of the potential employees will be towards the start of the learning curve of their journey in their career. Therefore, it is important to take the right measures before they are fully handed over the targets or responsibilities in the organization.

Bear in mind that the campus recruitment program is designed to hire the best employees that will meet the company’s needs.

• Determine the internal champions within the association who can fully administer the group of young recruits and help them be familiar with the association. The internal champions will serve as endorsers for the recruitment program and ensure that it is well-managed.

• There must also be designated individuals to interface with the campuses in advance to establish relationships with key individuals such as professors, placement coordinators and key influencers.

• It is very important to define the organization’s employee value proposition. Is it the off-shore assignments, learning opportunities, opportunities for career growth, compensation, or role? Bear in mind that the sharper the definition of the value proposition, the more it will be able to attract potential candidates.
Recruitment Process

• The process of recruitment starts with the calendar of the campus. There might be several campuses whose dates fall on the same day. Thus, it is important to have a group of interviewers in advance that are tagged to various places, logistics in place and travel schedules.

• It is also important to have the data ahead of the day of placement regarding the other companies paying a visit to the company on the same date as yours.

This will help you sense the competition and the interview. Also, other associated processes can be twisted in order to make them more compulsive and attractive in the competitive environment. It also aids in sharpening the recruitment pitch to successfully draw the attention of potential employees.

• The process of interview makes a lasting impression and often, it is one of the factors that students consider. The team must wisely make utilize discretion while selecting the rounds, stages and pattern of the interview in the campus recruitment.

If a group discussion is carried out, the topics, methods, forms, etc are utilized are crucial factors. It is also essential to have a meritocratic procedure of rejecting or short listing candidates.

• It is also very essential to ensure the process of candidate selection at the campus. On the spot, the offers must be rolled out to the chosen candidates. It would also be worth the effort to hand over pre-printed appointment letters to the candidates. Having the candidates accept the appointment letter will give them restrictions from appearing for other job interviews.

Post Recruitment Process
• Several organizations face the challenge of potential employees dropping the job offer right after accepting it during campus recruitment.

Considering the fact that there’s a time lag between the job offer made at the college or university and their potential joining date, several of these potential employees look for other opportunities and choose not to show up on the agreed joining date.

Nonstop efforts must be made to ascertain that the offered potential employees will not drop out, and this can effectively be done through a prearranged post recruitment engagement plan.

• One of the ways by which candidates will be engaged with your organization is through updating them with newsletters and company news on a regular basis.

• Closer to the joining date, the candidates must be sent upbeat communication kit regarding the logistics and other related details. This is a great way on how you can create an impression that your organization is ready to welcome new candidates.

• Sufficient preparation must also be undertaken to provide the campus recruits a wonderful experience during their first day in the organization.

These are just three of the processes of the campus recruitment program that must be carefully carried out.