Conducting Campus Recruitment Process

If you would like to conduct a campus recruitment program, you have to plan for it well. The succeeding paragraphs will reveal you the best steps on how to ensure the success of this type of program. With the help of these steps, you will walk out of the university or college with the accepted appointment letter copies of the potential applicants.

The step in designing a campus recruitment program is divided into three processes such as pre-recruitment, recruitment and post recruitment. Continue reading

Best Employee Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting employees need accurate planning and technique development in order to successfully attract the right candidates that will match the job vacancy.

Rough economic times imply an affluence of unemployment individuals for job vacancies.

However, even in economic downturn, attracting the suitable candidate for the job opening implies making use of efficient employee recruitment strategy. Some companies make use of in-house HR departments in order to recruit while other companies outsource the job to hiring firms that have specialization in recruiting the right staff. Continue reading

Social Media Recruitment Strategy

There are over thousands of conferences held in a year around the world, many people attend those conferences, do they even learn? In true facts many people don’t even listen to what the person is saying half of them time. As these conferences there was a recent conference that was on social media and recruitment strategy.

For those of you who don’t know what recruitment strategies are they need to understand a few things. Recruitment strategies include different strategies which will help you in getting a job. Every year there is a huge conference on social media and recruitment strategy, where people share their success stories. Continue reading