Best Employee Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting employees need accurate planning and technique development in order to successfully attract the right candidates that will match the job vacancy.

Rough economic times imply an affluence of unemployment individuals for job vacancies.

However, even in economic downturn, attracting the suitable candidate for the job opening implies making use of efficient employee recruitment strategy. Some companies make use of in-house HR departments in order to recruit while other companies outsource the job to hiring firms that have specialization in recruiting the right staff.

The Role of Employment Recruitment Strategy
An employment recruitment strategy will help you in locating talented and skilled employees. A highly organized approach to the process of hiring starts with the stage of planning.

It is important to review the job vacancy to update preferred background qualifications and aspects of responsibility.

A job summary must also be prepared and shared with the upper management and your colleagues for them to be informed during the entire process. When the outline is ready, you must also see to it that top practices in hiring will be incorporated into the next stage of identifying the candidates.

A Few Recruitment Strategies to Use
In order to provide the candidates with a big picture of the particular job opportunities available, you must collect data about your company first. You can also create a powerful and attractive welcoming advertisement for posting in local media, trade magazines and online. Never forget to post the job position within in order to alert those qualified and talented candidates within your company.

Review Resumes Carefully
A great employment recruitment strategy to use if you want to find the best candidate for the open position is to review the applicants’ resumes very carefully. This will guarantee the possible selection for the next phase of interviewing. Individual meeting with the candidates must also take place at the location of the job.

Prepare the Interview Questions
As a recruiter, you must arrive prepared along with your behavioral interview questions that can effectively draw out the applicant’s motivation, communication ability and work style.

Your subjects may vary from recollections highlighting work ethics to the vision of the candidate’s future with your company. Another common employment recruitment strategy is to include exams in order to measure the skills that are required in the job vacancy. You also need to evaluate behavioral attitudes.

Activities that Will Give You Informed Employee Rankings
During the interview, take down notes. This will help you gauge the capabilities and potentials of a certain candidate to carry out the job in such a way that best drives your company.

You also have to sort out whether the position your company offers requires an individual with long years of experience or not.

Assess core competencies that candidates have shown during the interview and carefully examine the written evaluations. Through these activities, you will be able to make informed rankings between qualified candidates. When you already have a short list, you should finalize all the details of the offer and follow up with the top candidates.

Bonuses and Incentives
Another effective employment recruitment strategy is offering exciting bonuses and incentives to several prospective employees.
This will lead to a long-term commitment, which implies a bigger potential pool of workers. There are also companies using daycare and on-site gyms, postal services, on-site banking, concierge and dry cleaning services, massage therapy and free lunches as incentives in order to attract the best employees.

Present Employee Referrals
Using present value employees as a medium in attracting new staff can lead to a higher quality of job candidates, specifically for technical staff and upper level positions.

According to the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, employee referral is one of the most ideal sources for new recruits.

On the other hand, researchers Chris Zoller and James Linder from Ohio State University both agree that referrals from employees give a helpful source for the hiring pool. It is suggested by the Comission to offer staff incentives and bonuses for additional incentives and referrals if the candidate that is referred fortunately lands the job.

Relocation Payments
A relocation payment is also considered as a great employment recruitment strategy. A payment to attract workers relocate during tough economic condition is effective.

However, the cost in repaying fees for moving and support for home purchases actually do just a little in attracting workers during peak economic condition. Relocation payments must be attractive during the so-called economic booms in order to give new workers motivation to move.

Recruiting Fairs
Conducting recruiting fairs in campuses is also an effective employment recruitment strategy. According to The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, choosing and training the right people as recruiters can greatly influence the recruitment program’s success.

Recruiters must exhibit the difference of the business or company and they must also have skills including clear communication, salesmanship and assertiveness.

Now that you already know some of the best recruitment strategies, it is up to you to choose. Just make sure that your chosen employment recruitment strategy will best meet the needs of your company.