Sales Coaching for Sales Managers and Sales Supervisors

Creativity has become a key to success in organizations nowadays and it actually works if put into best practice. It is advisable to come up with different challenging ideas and make it work. The difficult part doesn’t start when you come up with an idea, but when you actually put it into practice;it is not like a piece of cake but needs real planning to do that. One person who has just joined the organization won’t be able to understand the whole thing by itself. A proper guidance and training would be required for him to actually succeed in the market.

Almost every company nowadays have been focusing on sales managers to learn new and improved coaching techniques. From a survey it has been found that when the economy is in a downward position; the sales coaching will provide a better outcome than who are not opting for this option. There is a strong relation between a better sales performance and valuable sales coaching.

Sales managers have been put into a lot of training nowadays to learn about sales coaching because they are the ones who act as a mentor for their staff. It has become a necessity if you want to keep your employees motivated at every step. The days of counseling has been considered as an old school thought because you cannot all the time blame your employees if you have not been helping them in a useful way. If you are sitting at the top position, it is your job to make sure to fulfill all the required needs of your employees so that they can provide better results.

If someone has poor selling skills, it is not something which couldn’t be improved. A proper coaching on regular basis would make sure to the manager that what changes have come up with that particular person. The results will speak for it after sometime.You just need to be patience because it is not something which could be achieved overnight. Feedback is a very important thing which should not be left at any cause because it will make you understand that whether your employees have been learning from what you are saying or not.

It is just like old school days when a teacher would randomly ask us a question whether we are paying attention in the class or not. Feedback must be timely so that you can understand what the employees have learned on that particular moment.

Sales manager could not be blamed when the results are not according to the plan. Sales manager is the one who has the job of coaching but it is employees who will be performing it. It is the job of the employees afterwards to make it possible for their organization to achieve those targets. Sales’ coaching is just a lesson and employees have to think that which strategy would work at what time. Timing is very important and you need to be flexible according to the market requirement.

Also there are some employees who feel that they don’t need to be taught and they can perform well on their own. At that stage, it becomes very important for sales manager to understand their employees because you have to let them do what they are good at.

Some of these people are blessed with the quality of sales representation and the others are just the victim of over confidence. In any case you have to give them a chance and see what results they are getting for you. If their strategy is working for your organization, it becomes important to spread that plan to the others and if not, there is always an option for coaching for them.

The basic rule for sales coaching is to make sure that all your employees are comfortable with your personality. It is very important to take everyone into confidence so that the feel free to share their ideas also. You have to put your ego aside at that time and keep an open mind when receiving different ideas.

A strong judgmental quality is needed by the sales manager because some plans may hear good but they may not prove to be as effective as others. This may be out of context a little bit because the person who is appointed to do the sales coaching is very well trained most of the time so he is definitely talented enough to keep a track of all the things discussed above.

Sales’ coaching is a process and you constantly need to ask yourself that what am I doing here? How will I make everything work for the organization and for myself? Confidence is a key at this point because you need to believe in yourself that if you have been given this responsibility, you can do it as the best.