Hotel Administration

Mr. Lance is a highly focused worker. He is tenacious and prefers to attend to matters and dilemmas one at a time. He enjoys his work and treats everything as a learning experience. He aligns religion in everything he does and believes that his employment in Sun Jaya is a great blessing and is God’s gift and plan. He is a highly organized and systematic in doing about his work and even in his life plans. He gives a prime on details and theoretical knowledge. At present, his need for further achievements is low because according to him he has serviced the hotel for 28 long years now and desires to retire soon.

Mr. Lance has been able to penetrate different departments of the hotel, some of which, he had subordinates. According to him, he sets an example to his staff on how things should be done and how to be a good employee instead of just telling them what and how things should be done. He uses the hotel’s rules and regulations as basis for his decisions and also consults his supervisor for assistance. Currently, he believes that he is not in the position or authority to make any decisions but he still makes suggestions to the management.

At present, Mr. Lance maintains a low profile and prefers to just be in the “background”. He does not see nor feel the need to upstage others. He had his time to shine and is now prepared to pass this honor to other employees. He opts to work at his own pace, yet delivers on time. He adheres closely to the hotel’s rules and relies on his supervisors for a final discretion on matters and issues that concern his work.


Mr. Lance shows emotional maturity. Admittedly, he describes himself to be temperamental in his younger years, but was able to be more patient and tolerant of others overtime. He comes across as a pleasant person and appears to be sociable. His vast experiences, both in work and life, have made him a wiser individual seeing the things in a more positive and brighter perspective.


• Highly principled
• High sense of belonging and “ownership” of the hotel
• Loyal employee

• Not Applicable


Mr. Lance has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for 28 years. During this time, he was given the opportunity to penetrate and work for different departments of the hotel. As the current Hotel Administration Security, he is tasked to plan activities, prepare and file reports and do various administrative work in relation to the hotel’s security.

Mr. Lance is an organized and systematic worker. He prefers to focus on one task before starting a new one. He gives high importance to details and accuracy. He prefers to work at his own pace, yet makes sure that he is able to meet a deadline for a report or deliverable. He is a conformist, strictly adhering to the hotel’s rules and regulations. He relies mostly on his supervisors for a final decision and does not put up any form of resistance. He is a pleasant and mature individual. He holds a positive disposition that he acquired from his life and vast work experiences.

From the overall findings, Mr. Lance appears to have accomplished all his career plans as your employee. His service to Hotel Sun Jaya has proven both his proficiency in work and loyalty. He desires to retire and be able to do things for his own satisfaction. It is therefore recommended that Mr. Lance be granted the Early Retirement Package provided by the hotel.