Early Retirement Package

Mr. Joshua has a high regard for details. He is also very organized and systematic in dealing about his work. He gives a greater significance to theoretical aspect of a situation or dilemma rather than the practical side. He is able to do several tasks simultaneously focusing on the more important aspect of the situation. He practices delegation of tasks to his subordinates to ease workload. At present, he appears to be contented in his job and contributions that he had presented to the hotel.

Mr. Joshua takes his leadership role seriously. He displays ease in decision making both on routine and non- routine dilemmas. He finds the need to be forceful towards his subordinates despite his delegation practices. He tries to suppress his negative feelings to avoid conflict with his co-workers. In situations wherein he is unable to hide his negative feelings, he admits that he has the tendency to complain about the person to his other co-workers.

Mr. Joshua appears to lack the enthusiasm for his job. He comes across as a “low spirited” worker. According to him, his lack of enthusiasm could be attributed to the lack of new and up to date facilities of the hotel. He is able to express his concerns and ideas, but unable to give examples that would manifest his creativity.


Mr. Joshua could be classified as an introvert. He is able to work well alone and is not easily influenced by other suggestions or ideas. He is able to maintain a close relationship with a few select people, but is very cautious when dealing with others who are not part of the “selected few”. He is able to be pleasant with clients and guests, but is reserved when interacting with co-workers and subordinates.


• Displays firmness in decision making
• Displays assertiveness in disciplining subordinates

• Needs additional theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting
• Needs to develop his English skills
• Does not seem to strive for further success at work


Mr. Joshua has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for 22 years. He started in the hotel as a waiter in the banquet division for the F & B department in 1980 and has progressed in his career on a steady pace. He is the Banquet Operations Manager at present and has held this position for two years now.

Mr. Joshua is a steadfast manager and employee. He is firm in his decisions and prefers to go into details before giving a final assessment to a situation or dilemma. Suffice to say that his stay with the hotel has equipped him with experience that has helped him make decisions and deal with clients. He is an introvert but manages to deal with the hotel’s clients as this is mandatory for his job. Moreover, despite his introvert personality, he still maintains a good relationship with his co-workers.

Mr. Joshua has serviced the hotel for more than 20 years now. His stay with Hotel Sun Jaya has confirmed his loyalty and equipped him with experience that is considered commendable. He has proven to the management that he is capable of such job and responsibilities, however there is no room for his development as his capabilities have already been completely realized and has reached its maximum. Furthermore, his lack of enthusiasm and energy in his job may pose as a problem in the future. Mr. Joshua is therefore recommended to be amongst those to take part of the Early Retirement Package.