How to Write Great CV (Resume)

The key to a successful application is knowing how to write a great CV that will ultimately present the person as the most qualified applicant for the given job and position. There are plenty of things to learn from experts, the internet and other sources.

The resume should also be adjusted according to the specifications and needs of the company. People should prepare the details carefully and ensure that they have the right skills and background to begin with. Some companies will largely base their decision and the interviewing questions on the submitted CV. Here are some guidelines on how to start.

1. Follow the format. Be sure to follow the provided format on how to write great CV. Many applicants make the mistake of not following instructions or the given guidelines, so no matter how outstanding the details of the document may be, it will be rendered useless. Some companies will immediately throw out resumes that do not follow specific instructions. Following the guidelines show the capacity of the person to follow rules and put attention to detail. Use the right paper size, the margins, captions and other small details.

2. Use a good clear photo. Have a clear photo taken and never use old pictures for the CV. Use the same color background as indicated in the company guidelines and be sure to use the same size photo. The required photo for the resume is usually 1×1, 2×2 or passport size. Dress appropriately for the photo by wearing a collared shirt or the required outfit. The applicant has to look very professional and presentable in the photo. If the applicant feels that the photo is not good enough, have more taken until the right shot is found.

3. Include educational background. A lot of companies will like to know the person’s educational background, starting from preschool up to postgraduate studies. The person applying for the job should have the specific course that’s relative to the position or company he’s applying for.

Generally, companies will need people who have finished college courses that match the role. For example, those applying to become electrical engineers should be graduates of electrical engineering and have the proper license to practice in the area. Most companies are very strict when it comes to education. There are groups that allow high school graduates only, while others require postgraduate studies for higher positions.

4. Get a license. Some positions will require individuals to secure a license to practice. Even though they are graduates of a related course, they might be required to take up the licensure examination first and have an updated license to work. For example, accountants need to include the details in their resume which prove that they are already certified public accountants to become qualified for the job. Attach a copy of the supporting documents to know how to write great CV.

Print and file the documents very well and put these in a clean and high quality folder. Submit the CV within the given schedule and wait for the company to get to you for an interview or the next step.