Human Capital Strategy of GE – General Electric

General Electric or also known as GE is one of the well known companies of the world that delivers top notch products for home and establishment use.

The Human Resource has played a vital role in the company’s success, how they identify leadership talent and what it takes for the human resource for making it to the top. For so many years, GE has been providing the people with world class and quality products and services.

They never stop making the people feel that they are dedicated in giving the best support and high quality service. The human capital strategy really worked for the General Electric over the years.

Operating for more than hundreds of countries with an employee of over 315,000 worldwide, the GE’s business ranges from the aircraft engines and the power generation to the financial services and the television programming.

There is no doubt that this company has a solid human capital strategy since they made it to the top. Out of all the strong competitors in the market, they never surrendered to their rival and the HR did their best to achieve their goal all throughout these years.

It is important in every company to have a strong human capital strategy and HR function for the company to stay in the business for longer years.

There is no other company that can give you this kind of satisfaction in the strong leadership support but General Electric. Having the best human capital strategy can help you and your company to be a success and long term relationship with the employee and the people that support the company.

It is in the hands of the HR on how they will be able to reach the customers’ needs and that of the employees at the same time.

One of GE’s human capital strategies is through the aligning of the HR in the business strategy. Rather than just being an administrative function, it is vital to make sure that the HR actions, initiatives and priorities are also aligned in the terms of the business plan.

This is the only way they can be sure of the company’s growth and the standing of the company. The human resource is doing everything to reach out to the employees and the customers so that they will be able to know the right things to do in case things might get worse.

This is how the HR work for the companies and this is also the reason why you need to have a solid HR for your company.

Human Resource: GE’s Way to Success
For a long time, the General Electric has been busy doing their strategies to achieve their goal. Moreover, they have tried so many kinds of strategies that sometimes fail and sometimes work. But the main purpose of the human capital strategy is to keep the company in control and solid so that they may be able to reach whatever they are aiming for.

The human capital strategy takes all of the risks and the solutions possible in order for the company to work well and find the best solution that they can do for the company.

It is all about team work and support from the company, the people and the whole department of human resource. Having a strong focus on the leadership succession planning process with the GE was developed and it is refined in an extent that is probably unmatched by other organizations.

In every success lies a hidden group of people that strives hard to achieve their goal. This is the human capital strategy of General Electric for so many years now. They have managed to undergo several trials and changes but they still got the chance to make it on top despite every change that happened to them especially the company.

General Electric is now on their way to success and in the years to come they will be one of the most promising companies today because of their way of human strategy that attracts more positive result to their company. You will surely find so many benefits if you have a good team working in your company.

The General Electric HR team is all about being a real talent, business partner, focused on building the culture, capability, supporting global growth and be an effective employee advocate at the same time. If you can find the right team of HR in your company then you can be sure that your company is on its way to success.

They are the one who will take care of your company and the people around you and arrange everything to keep it in order and focus on the goal only. The human capital strategy of GE is to make every individual the core of their strength and success to keep them on the track and stay on top of success.