Human Resource Strategy of Google

The human resource department of any company or organization like the one in the famous search engine company Google always has its own challenge. Their challenge is to ensure that all employees are encouraged and devoted to their jobs and responsibilities on the company with whole-hearted integrity and sincerity.

On the other hand, this department is also obliged to make sure that the dynamics of the market are not affected by the investments included in the practice and they are responsible for the human capital.

In other way, HR department must reflect as the service provider for all staffs and they must be treated in the same way with the customers. In that way, the entire standard of the customer satisfaction including the delivery will become simple to adopt and adjust.

Recruitment and Hiring Process in Google
The recruitment process of Google is the foremost phase in the whole HR procedures. Since Google is considered as the second home of the technology experts and it is always open for those who want to work in the company, there are over 1,300 resumes sent to the Google’s HR department every day. Hiring those applicants who deserve the vacant positions is the main philosophy of the HR department.

On the other hand, the retention percentage as well as the income data at Google serves as the proof that the company is successful in attracting, retaining and motivating even the most complex crop of workers.

Google hosts different outdoor activities throughout a year that shows their combined outstanding recruitment practices and the company’s awareness about the interior culture that they would like to maintain. The company is determined to look for the people who would be successful on their open and collaborative culture.

Training and Improvement Opportunities for Google Employees
Google staffs are offered with several opportunities in which they will learn and develop their skills. Professional growth opportunities that are typically offered to their employees involve individual or by group presentation skills classes, executive speaking, management, business writing, and giving feedback. There are also free classes for foreign languages such as French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

Google has expanded its worldwide learning and improvement team since last year and is now making new management development programs in order to develop and assist the future leaders of the company. Based on a survey, 92% of Google employees showed that they are given with training and development programs to become more professional while 97% have said that they have the necessary resources and tools to fulfill their jobs and responsibilities.

It is a requirement for all staffs and employees of Google to undergo their programs and opportunities for development for at least 120 hours in every year. It reveals that the total effort, resources and time invested by Google for its employees is to keep them professionally and technologically advanced.

The Compensation Structure of Google
Google stands out as the company is included in the list of the most preferred but one of the most underpaying companies within the industry. On the other hand, the HR strategy suits perfectly along with the vision and its business model wherein the employees are enticed not because of the short period financial returns from their job, but with the support program that can help them in creating anything.

Thus, the work hives in Google come with day care and elder care centers, spa and salons, car wash with oil check services and many more that all technology-obsessed nerds will obtain as a benefit package yet the real take-out money component is unimportant.

The job development and employee dedication adjusted with the technology solutions instead of the substantial compensation that Google had been the first organization where the Director’s Board asked for a deduction in their incomes and compensation since they realize that they are provided with more money compared to the actual level of their necessities.

All employees of the company agreed on that matter and during the years 2005 and 2006, the workers formally demanded the wage cut. At that time, the turnover percentage is around 1.43%.

The Bonuses and Benefits for Google Employees

The following are the benefits that all employees of the company will get:

• No-limit sick leave
• 27 days paid time-off after a 1-year tenure on the company

• On-site health and dental care facilities, oil change, car wash, physical fitness center, free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, banking center and courier service.

• 18 weeks of extra paid time-off for post maternity leaves and new fathers could take 7 weeks off from their jobs

• Annual on-site medical fair that offers testing services for free that include eye examinations and cholesterol check

• Free flu vaccinations
• Fuel-efficiency car incentive program that gives a $5,000 rebate for all employees who purchased hybrid cars.