Human Resource Strategy of Google

The human resource department of any company or organization like the one in the famous search engine company Google always has its own challenge. Their challenge is to ensure that all employees are encouraged and devoted to their jobs and responsibilities on the company with whole-hearted integrity and sincerity.

On the other hand, this department is also obliged to make sure that the dynamics of the market are not affected by the investments included in the practice and they are responsible for the human capital.

In other way, HR department must reflect as the service provider for all staffs and they must be treated in the same way with the customers. In that way, the entire standard of the customer satisfaction including the delivery will become simple to adopt and adjust. Continue reading

Human Capital Strategy of GE – General Electric

General Electric or also known as GE is one of the well known companies of the world that delivers top notch products for home and establishment use.

The Human Resource has played a vital role in the company’s success, how they identify leadership talent and what it takes for the human resource for making it to the top. For so many years, GE has been providing the people with world class and quality products and services.

They never stop making the people feel that they are dedicated in giving the best support and high quality service. The human capital strategy really worked for the General Electric over the years. Continue reading

Human Capital Strategy of Boston Consulting Group

At this moment wherein the business world is increasingly becoming complicated, using human capital can be great to keep companies up and running, whether small or big.

Boston Consulting group works with organizations which have a small number of workers up to those companies with a bigger number of employees.

While a lot of other advantage consulting agencies are dedicated on offering you off-the-shelf items, Boston Consulting Group’s approach is to promote a plan design that is devoted to understand completely your mission for human capitalization use, and to know the objectives and goals of your business. Continue reading

Human Capital Strategy of Apple Company

The human capital of Apple Company is now getting bigger and better every day. The organizations are bound to change over time because of the array of forces, both external and internal, ranging from the changes in the executive leadership, ownership, business strategy or the customers’ proposition to economic conditions and the regulatory environments.

When you say human capital strategy, this is where the company comes up with the right strategy on how they can get more capital on their own means. Each of the company should have a human capital strategy so that you will know more about the right strategy to do for your business.

If such changes, happen there will be new requirements that must be reflected on the organization’s human capital strategy. Continue reading