Improving Verbal Communication Skills

To be successful in the workplace, one must learn the art of verbal communication skills. A good speaking skill will help one, not only in business areas but also in most of his or her daily life.

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In workplaces, verbal communication skills are required when you make a presentation or when you are talking to your boss. In fact, it is not that difficult to learn the art of communication skills, however, you will need a lot of training. Find several tips to improve your skill in speaking below.

• Make a preparation. Give yourself a time to think about a certain topic you want to talk about. Focus on that topic then, if it is possible, organize your thoughts by writing it on a piece of paper. Making your idea well-organized eliminates the possible occurrence of hesitated tones, prolonged pauses and other communication hindrances.

• Use a direct language. To enhance communication skills, you need to understand the importance of simple language. Straightforwardness of your words will keep people listening to you. Avoid using difficult terms and structure that will create such boredom to the audiences. Complex terminologies can become boomerang if you use them only to impress people.

• Learn the tones. Communication skills are improved by learning various tones of voice to express certain feelings of ideas. What you say will give a greater effect if you use a specific tone to increase the value. Learning tones, as a part of learning communication skills, requires you to know well where to put emphasis or lower your voice while delivering presentation or speech.

• Learn to pronounce. You will have to re-learn the way you pronounce the words to develop your verbal communication skills. Keep in mind that the words you utter must be correct and complete. If you get nervous that pronouncing becomes difficult, slow down your speech rather than run the whole words together.

• Learn non verbal communication skills. Proper gestures or body language will support your performance while you make a speech. Know well that body gestures can generate a lot of different interpretation from audiences. Mastering non verbal communication skills is important so that you can prevent any unnecessary mistakes and misunderstanding.

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• Practice, practice, practice. Since the key success of communication skills lies on a lot of exercises, you must make your effort to practice. Set a schedule to practice and first, do it in a comfortable place. You will have to see yourself while delivering speech so that a mirror can be an aid.

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