Job Description of Factory Manager

Every company comes with different employees who have different roles and obligations for the company. A factory manager is one of the most important roles that a manufacturing corporation should have.

A person who has this position has a big responsibility to the company and to the other employees. To know more about this job, you have to find out the job description of factory manager.

Job Description of Factory Manager: The Nature of His or Her Job. The main responsibility of a factory manager is to be the supervisor of the factory or plan operations. He or she will be the leader of the technical resources group and he or she will be obliged to coordinate with different peer groups inside the company.

If you are recently employed and you hold this position, you will notice that you can be also called as an industrial production supervisor.

The job description of factory manager involves bigger responsibilities for the maintenance of the precise quantity and quality control to make sure that the products of the company will be delivered and distributed on time to reach the satisfaction point of the clients. Therefore, you have to be aware about the job description of factory manager especially if you are planning to have this career.

Job Description of Factory Manager: Duties and Obligations
There are lots of things that a factory manager like you needs to do for the sake of the company. Being a factory manager would mean that you have more responsibilities compared to the employees who belong to the lower lines of the organizational chart of your company. It includes the following:

• Planning, organizing, formulating, directing and controlling the production activities

• Making a plan for the production meetings, schedules of the employees, activities for the production, plans for the maintenance of the machine and keeping the budget and quality of the company’s product

• Evaluating the efficient maintenance and repair of the safety policies and standards

• Handling of the timelines and job priorities including the allocation of resources to suit the set timelines and objectives of the company
• Making sure that the product produced will suit the needs of the clients and make them satisfied

• Ensuring the efficient adaptation of the new programs or policies and giving trainings to reach the enhanced requisites of the clients

• Implementing factory production strategic project and adding it on the standard plant strategy
• Supervision of the quality standards including the enforcements of the quality control programs

• Communicating with the sales agents financial division and sellers to make sure that the shipping and receiving schedule will be followed

• Cooperate with other factory supervisors to determine the most ideal practices and solutions for the company

• Cooperating with the contract clients about the product from its release up to the last shipment

• Reviewing the total performance and identification of the training requirements of the production personnel

Job Description of Factory Manager: Specifications and Skills
You also need to know that there are certain skills and specifications that a factory manager should possess to become efficient in doing his or her responsibilities.

To understand more about the job description of factory manager, you need to know the skills that this person should have:

• Capable to work and do your job alone as a leader of a team
• Must have good communication and interpersonal skills

• Should possess good planning and management skills
• Effective knowledge about the machines and techniques used in production of products
• Should bear information about engineering drawings

• Capability to solve difficult problems related to manufacturing
• Must have strong accountability and should be able to influence

These qualities are usually included in the list of qualifications that you should possess if you want to work as a factory manager. Having these qualities will let you be good in managing and performing all duties and responsibilities you must accomplish for the company.

Job Description of Factory Manager: Qualifications and Educational Attainment
If you have a plan to be a factory manager someday, you should remember that you have to be a graduate of certain courses associated with the job description of factory manager.

The following are the courses that you can take in college if you want to enter this career after graduation:
• A bachelor degree in industry management technology

• A bachelor degree in technology in any related field
• Business management and administration
• Industrial engineering

• Business or commerce
• Industrial or engineering management
• Materials, logistics and management of supply chain
• Operations supervision and management

These are the courses that you should take in college if you are planning to become a factory manager someday. All of these facts about job description of factory manager must be kept in mind.