Job Description of Maintenance Manager

Businesses, companies and certain organizations create a substantial investment for the structures of their businesses. This is one of the aspects involved in the job description of maintenance manager.

If you are planning to work and have this career, you will bear several duties and responsibilities as a part of your job. You have to make sure that the building must be secured and clean.

A maintenance manager keeps an eye on the physical maintenance and repair of a big building or a set of structures like college campus, industrial warehouse, apartment complex, office building, church and school.

When the structure is large, you will have to supervise the maintenance staff in performing the required developments and repairs.

The skills that this professional possesses revolve within the maintenance of the structure to allow people feel free to work and perform what they should finish. To make it clearer, you have to find out the facts about the job description of maintenance manager.

Duties and Obligations of a Maintenance Manager
As a maintenance manager, you have several things to do as a part of the job description of maintenance manager. The following are included in the usual responsibilities of this professional:

• Designing the maintenance programs
• Making a research for new pieces of equipment

• Supervising the training and improvement requisites of all newly hired employees
• Executing the preventive maintenance programs
• Complying with the safety terms and regulations

• Enforcing industry requisites
• Performing the human resource obligations

• Evaluating the possible risks
• Managing the expenses and budget

If you want to become a maintenance supervisor someday, you will be responsible for giving powerful technical guidance or leadership to experienced maintenance personnel.

Make sure that the technical training for employee, preventive maintenance, facilities maintenance and repair, machine processes, building and environmental security issues are handled well.

The maintenance manager will also supervise the budget and the schedule of vendors who perform specialized work and assess the potential new tools and supplies for the structure. As you can see, the job description of maintenance manager covers several factors you have to consider.

Job Description of Maintenance Manager: Skills Required
• Management of people
• Managing time and projects
• Being ethical and responsible
• Must be computer literate
• Capable of conducting development and training
• Must be strategic and analytical

• Creating effective and concrete decisions
• Can perform more complex responsibilities
• Motivating staff

• Mentoring unproven employees
• Keeping records
• Engineering and manufacturing

Job Description of Maintenance Manager: Education
Pursuing the management courses would be the best tactic to become a maintenance supervisor. These courses would give you the skills required in handling or managing people.

These would provide you the chance to include economics and strategic management. With the skills and knowledge obtained from these degree added with vocational training and skills, you have more chances to become an efficient maintenance manager.

If you want to work as a maintenance supervisor, you may also get other courses like:
• Mechanical engineering
• Production maintenance
• Engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Mechanical maintenance
• Electrical maintenance

You may also take other courses like construction, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, electrical and masonry. You may take and complete certain examinations like HND, NVQ, HNC, SVQ and BTEC as you take any of these courses. Being a graduate of this course will give you the chance and authorization to be hired and work as a maintenance supervisor.

Job Description of Maintenance Manager: Qualifications
Most people who work as a maintenance supervisor obtained a degree from any vocational learning institution. Some of them attained a diploma by taking an associate degree from an accredited school. In big businesses and buildings, this professional is required to possess a bachelor degree in engineering or any courses related to this career.

Other companies require their maintenance supervisors to possess a license and other certifications to serve as their proof of eligibility. Most positions require the applicants to have 5 or more years of working experience so that they can qualify for the job.

Newly hired maintenance workers may work as assistants or apprentices to more experienced persons within the field before they can be promoted as the major maintenance supervisor for a structure.

Other Considerations about the Job Description of Maintenance Manager
You should bear in mind that a maintenance manager should be efficient in their job and that they must possess the required skills and knowledge to do repair and maintenance. Also, you have to be honest, flexible and dependable if you want to be a maintenance supervisor someday.

You are also obliged to be keen to details and you must be capable to solve problems instantly. Also, you should be patient and approachable.

Being competitive and having good communication skills are also one of the requirements you have to possess. Likewise, you have to be capable of managing your time and that you know what must be done first to have a smooth flow of operation at all times.