Key Steps in Developing Training Materials

The material consists of three introductory training and materials are then grouped into 4 stage. The following are some of the introductory training materials :

The introduction : explaining the purpose of life on earth. We must be sure that each person supplied with something unique so give ability of each man to achieve success. That is why as humans, we should implement all the skills that we have.

b. The second introduction is welfare of state. The success of a country will give a great influence on the welfare of its people. Many factors that influence the success of a nation is the wealth of natural and human resources quality.

c. The third introduction is a balance of life. After understanding more about human nature and learn about the condition of a country, then the next step is the introduction of the balance of life. Through a third introduction is expected to change in a positive mindset that is more positive, life plan, live a balanced, democratic and many other positive things.

Whereas in a series of training materials, there are four steps that must be done;

• Phase 1 ; recognize the potential
Recognize potential is one of the most basic skills. Potential that is owned by each man would be one of grace that deserves to be recognized until it is able to produce something positive.

There are many benefits that you can feel when you already know about the potential that exists within each it will make you always think positive. one of the methods that can be done as afterthought, observing interests, education, experience, and ultimately preparing for your future dreams.

• Phase 2 ; looking for an opportunity
At this stage the participants were directed to look at the various business opportunities that exist. This step is very important to do before deciding on a business. many areas and fields that can be an inspiration to define a business opportunity.

• Phase 3 ; managing a business
After learning potential and existing business opportunities, participants need to be reminded of the importance of focusing tenting, making plans to achieve certain targets. they should be able to visualize the ideals that had been expected through the existing facilities.

• Phase 4 ; planning for the future
Plan for the future to be one of the important things that must be considered to achieve a certain expectation in the future will be very difficult to realize a hope.

The training materials participants are expected to make a map of life. Life map is then expected to be a pointer to any activity undertaken. The training materials participants are expected to make a map of life.

If the point has been met then the next step is to create a time management program by arranging the five-yearly, yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily.

At this stage, participants will also get information about various things such as golden character is certainly an important factor for the success of your future. Some personality attitudes required of them is disciplined, honest, intelligent, caring, and friendly attitude. Some of them are contributing factors to finally be able to realize certain predetermined expectations.