Let’s Improve Performance Management

Performance management and the learning convergence make a chance to prescribe and diagnose ways to develop the critical talent better. Through integrating performance and learning, the companies can be easier in identifying their trends of workforce predicatively, to target the gaps of organizational capability and to support the connections in building alignment with the business needs.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

Whether the learning and performance management are driven by the HR or learning group, both need to understand to get benefit from the convergence. Here we discuss several ways about improving performance management.

In terms of retaining critical talent including giving workers the skills they need for success and the managing succession plans, both processes of learning and performance management need to converge. The improvement of performance management is important because they can make the training initiatives better through generating the working development plans, improving the programs of leadership development, making learning chances more real, aligning the department of training to fulfill the need of organization, making human resource and learning more strategies.

How to integrate learning and performance management? First of all, we know that to take the paper out of the paperwork could actually be enough reason why we need to automate the performance management. However, the human resource is able to use it to manage talent and strong workforce to drive the outmost performance and competitive benefit. With the tools of succession and career planning, companies can cut down the turnover of employee and keep a productive and strong workforce.

However, it is important that a company can complement the performance management with learning management enabling the employees to build their competitive skills, helping to align the career goals and employee training with business goals.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

The learning and performance management convergence can help significantly a company to get the most out of its workforce by helping employees to develop beyond assessment with actionable and immediate development, to retain the develop leaders, to retain critical talent and to reduce turnover, to reduce the turnover cost and to control succession risk, to optimize productivity of workforce by aligning worker’s goals with the company’s goals, to automate the activities of performance and development and to reduce the hassles of administration, as well as to link between the merit-based compensation to the worker’s performance.

There are five steps that Human Resource training can use the performance management to get help in creating a real talent development framework. They are to produce working development plans, to improve the leadership development programs, to make learning chances more visible, to align more training for the organizational requirement, and to link HR and training for more strategic value. Strategic integration makes organizations possible to be easier in identifying the trends of workforce in more accountable.

Furthermore, the integration allows companies to combine leadership development programs that are actionable for key employees. In short, a great opportunity is created from the convergence of both learning and performance management to prescribe and diagnose ways to develop the critical talent better.

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