Performance Management Presentation

The presentation of performance management, there are some things that will be learned in this presentation. Performance management presentation is a series of activities from the performance planning, performance assessment, performance monitoring, and may be accompanied by rewards or punishments.

Definition of performance management is a process of a group of people working to achieve its intended purpose. This process occurs in a sustainable and continuously.

Another definition of performance management is a management process designed to link organizational goals with individual goals and objectives of the organization. Objectives of the organization should be a motivation for the workers, so that later the goal will be achieved.

Remember the motivation to be a very important factor to continue to support the course of action for a particular purpose reached predetermined.

Performance management presentation – performance management system

There are five basic performance management systems :

a. Interactive model
Performance management of this model is an integrative model of mutually sustained between one aspect and another aspect. The Successful of performance management is made all aspects in organization or company.

b. Focus
Focus here means that a performance management should focus on the process and results. Through performance management presentation, you will learn that a performance management system that not only results-oriented, but also process-oriented.

c. The objective performance assessment
Performance assessment should be appropriate to the purpose. This will impact on the positive of a successful performance appraisal and structured.

d. Evaluation and learning
Good performance management one of Imperial way to provide measurable results of the performance evaluation. You should know that the results of the performance evaluation can be a means of learning that can be reconciled decisive action in the future.

The stages of performance management

On subsequent performance management presentation, there are some steps being taken in the performance management activities. There are 4 steps needed in the implementation of performance management:

• The first stage is directing or planning. This stage is the identification of behavior in the work as the basis of performance. Take the lead in a concrete way to conduct work and also planning for the target to be achieved.

• For the second stage is managing or supporting. Monitoring the implementation of an activity that is performed on the second stage. This stage focuses on manage, support, and control over the course of the process in order to stay on track.

• The third stage is the review and appraising. This step is performed to evaluate the data and require documentation related to the object being evaluated.

• The fourth stage is developing and rewarding. This phase is focused on the prize and also the development. Steps that can be done in the form of improvement, reward and punishment, as well as continue existing activities.

The purpose of Performance management presentation
Through the presentation, you will know the purpose of performance management. Purpose of the presentation itself is conveying information. So, in this presentation is to deliver performance management that set the performance should be more structured, effective and efficient, enhance organizational capabilities and also enhance the ability of the organization as a whole.