Human Resource Strategy of Microsoft

Microsoft Company is one of the richest, well known and most successful organizations worldwide aside from the ground breaking Apple Company. Even more significant, from a human resource point of view, is the reason that this company is a worker driven organization.

While some companies base their victory on better technology or manufacturing techniques, the success of Microsoft Company is based on the efficiency of their workers.

Significantly, Microsoft values their employee and understands the importance of their manpower.

This attention on staffs may be the reason behind the success of this company. Learning the human resource management practice followed by the company is worthy as it will help you on how to handle and communicate with your employees.

The company’s human resource section seeks to retain, recruit and deploy effectively a talented, large and motivated labor force. To sustain 93,000 employees all over the world, its human resource department is composed of over 1,500 human resource experts from 100 countries.

These professionals include Human Resource generalists who assist individual businesses on a regular basis and five COEs or Centers of Excellence which makes the programs for the Human Resource generalists to employ.

Sometimes, HR generalists felt besieged by the small amount of projects, according to the CPBM manager, Project Management of COE at Microsoft Human Resources.

Departmental leaders are required to control their projects portfolio more effectively. Microsoft Human Resource decided to coherent a strategy, recognize the projects with the finest connection to that human resource strategy, and make that example.

Wissman who happens to be the manager of COE stated that the Microsoft Human Resource departments rather do two better projects in presentation management, than do fifteen little ones. Even though the fifteen projects are all valuable and properly designed, the two really good projects will bring the company greater long term profits.

By breaking down the amount of projects, human resource department could also enhance project coordination and timing. But every Center of Excellence has various procedures for evaluating and proposing as well as tracking plans.

Business program owners presented these plans utilizing a series of files generated with MS-Excel 2007 spreadsheet program. Controlling that information to report the right information to managers and executives needed a great contract of tedious physical adjustment.

Further, the procedure of making options based on that information varies by Center of Excellence, with few coordination and collaboration among them. Executives and managers had no distinct repository of all development information across all Center of Excellence, meaning they had no simple process to compare developments benefits and costs or to perceive how development schedules may fit together or to employ responsibility as the scheme moved forward.

Microsoft Human Resource strives to enhance portfolio management include far over implementing software. As is frequent in the principle of scheme management, the main success aspect was building the proper processes.

The company took the chance to prepare and define their process, and they did not touch the software device until the entire team decided on the strategy.

Human resource department of Microsoft Company has utilized 2010 Project Server in order to gather information easily and to evaluate and compare projects more efficiently. HR department has prepared its task portfolio from 200 up to 25 while giving about greater accountability, transparency as well as collaboration.

Better Information Collection
Because Microsoft HR department adopted a version of 2010 Project Server which is user friendly, the HR department is capable enough to gather information regarding proposed projects. The company streamlined the procedure of their HR professionals.

Richer Ways to Compare Projects
2010 Project Server provides executives useful tools in order to assess and compare tasks. The company HR department practically receives a standing ovation once they laid the reports.

Consumers were thrilled to see that 2010 Project Server automated production of the single page executive summary in MS-Excel 2007 spreadsheet, getting rid out of the tedious project which went formerly into preparing for conventions and meetings.

Accountability and Transparency
Because the whole departmental workers can see assignment information by means of project website application, transparency improved greatly. The company call 2010 project server the source of reality.

According to one of the Microsoft Human Resource executive, if you need to get the job funded, it has to undergo 2010 project server 2010 procedure. There is no other available way. When the company makes the optimization with the whole leadership group, everyone leaves the conference in complete agreement on one portfolio of jobs.

Improved Collaboration
With better transparency for jobs across all centers of excellence, HR workers have more chances to collaborate. At this moment, by means of 2010 project server, everyone can see everyone else’s task.

One of the human resource achievements is the launching of Windows 8 operating system that receives great response to the users. This tests the capability of Microsoft HR department on doing this very important job.