HR Strategy Presentation Slide and PPT Slides

How you should build HR presentation slide strategy? HR is one of the factors that contribute to help improve the company’s performance.

It is certainly very important to help improve the success of a company. Through HR presentation slides will be helpful to illustrate examples of HR strategy that uses four perspectives, and refers to the balanced scorecard approach. If these are met, then you will find a variety of indicators for each of the strategies that have been developed.

Talk about human resource management means we are talking about strategy which is very useful to support the success of a business. The following are some things discussed in some slides bellow.

• Human resource management
Human resources have created sufficient capacity will help to achieve an organization forward. Some of the activities that should be done by the organization, such as recruitment & selection, development & training, feedback & performance appraisal, pay & benefits, and also labor relation.

• HRM components
These components should be consistence with organization structure and also the strategies. The first component is recruitment. Employees have an important role in a company. That’s why selecting qualified applicants to be one way to improve the quality separately.

The Selection should determine relative qualifications and also the potential for a job. Then, for the second component is training and development. This is the process to develop the worker’s skill and ability. The third component is feedback and performance appraisal.

This is the way to provide the information of the way to train, reward worker, and also giving the motivation. As the forth component, there is pay and benefits. This is a solution to give the reward for the employees. The last is labor relation. In this case, the manager needs effective relationship with the labor unions.

• Human resource planning

Human resource planning becomes the third of HR presentation slide. In this stage HR planning includes all activities of the managers that do some forecast current and also some future HR needs. The first thing that they should do is recruitment and selection. Demanding the forecast really estimates the number and also the qualification that the company need. The supply forecast will estimate the availability and qualifications for the worker.

• HRM planning: resourcing
In this slide, the manager can decide to make a contact with outside workers. The reasons are the outsourcing is more flexible for the company.

Besides that, outsourcing also provides as human capital with the lower cost or payment. However, the outsourcing may have some problems such as manager lose control over of the output. In addition, the contractors of outsourcing are not committed with the company.

• Recruitment
Talking about HR presentation slide, recruitment is one of important aspect. There are two ways to recruitment, they are; external recruiting and internal recruiting.

Through the external recruiting, the manager should look the workers outside the firm that are not work at the firm before. Then, external recruiting is the position should fill within the company. The benefits of this way are workers know the firm culture, manager really the candidate.