Performance Management Review

(You can download excellent powerpoint slides about personality and career management HERE ).

Ms. Mary is a simple worker, the doer type who will complete a particular task assigned to her as soon as she can. When performing her tasks, she will exert reasonable amount of energy to gain meaningful achievement. At present, she is assigned to manage guests at the executive floors which seems to be more of a public relations and stationary type of work.

Ms. Mary does not project herself as a strong leader. When managing her staff, she prefers to use the combination of her personal approach and clear defined written procedures rather than power. For instance, she extensively utilizes a communication book as useful tool to give written instructions to her staff. However, as their superior, she has genuine intention to develop her staff by sending them to relevant training programs. This step, she believes, will help them to improve their skills and increase their knowledge which could later support them on the job. Continue reading

Performance Appraisal and Review

Mr. Matheus is a hard working employee. He is knowledgeable in his field, which could be attributed to his previous work experience in Hotel Jameson where he worked for 25 years in the kitchen department. At 52 years old, he still seeks self- improvement, in spite of his technical expertise. He shares his knowledge to others and takes the initiative to train his subordinates who lack the background in kitchen operations. He has high regard for details and is impartial when deciding on any matter. Moreover, he is considered to be flexible despite his mature age. (You can download excellent powerpoint slides about personality and career management HERE ).

Mr. Matheus has had commendable work experience in his past employment, yet despite his achievements he maintains a low profile and speaks modestly of his achievements. He has ideas on how to improve the working conditions in the kitchen of Jameson Jaya and seeks the opportunity to propose and implement them. In his two years of stay with Hotel Jameson Jaya he has been able to recommend improvements on the hygiene and sanitation practices in the kitchen and has instilled the value of producing quality products to his staff. Continue reading