Performance Appraisal and Review

Mr. Matheus is a hard working employee. He is knowledgeable in his field, which could be attributed to his previous work experience in Hotel Jameson where he worked for 25 years in the kitchen department. At 52 years old, he still seeks self- improvement, in spite of his technical expertise. He shares his knowledge to others and takes the initiative to train his subordinates who lack the background in kitchen operations. He has high regard for details and is impartial when deciding on any matter. Moreover, he is considered to be flexible despite his mature age. (You can download excellent powerpoint slides about personality and career management HERE ).

Mr. Matheus has had commendable work experience in his past employment, yet despite his achievements he maintains a low profile and speaks modestly of his achievements. He has ideas on how to improve the working conditions in the kitchen of Jameson Jaya and seeks the opportunity to propose and implement them. In his two years of stay with Hotel Jameson Jaya he has been able to recommend improvements on the hygiene and sanitation practices in the kitchen and has instilled the value of producing quality products to his staff.

Mr. Matheus’ communication skills are considered to be average. He is able to express himself in English, but is more at ease with his mother tongue. He is intellectually and mentally fit for his job, but because of his mature age, his physical abilities are unable to match his intellectual pace.

Mr. Matheus takes the pragmatic approach when deciding on different matters. With his staff however, he implements his own personal approach when dealing with them. He does not find the need to be forceful with his subordinates, because according to him he listens to what they have to say first before he presents his side and the presence of open lines of communication exists in his department. He believes in teamwork, which is why he sees his supervisor as his partner rather than a boss.


Mr. Matheus appears to be emotionally mature. He is able to establish and maintain good relationships with his staff and co- workers. He is open to change and flexible despite his mature age. He values harmonious work and personal relations with others and prefers to avoid conflict. His ability to have an open communication with his staff and other co-workers has resulted to better understanding and less conflicts.

Despite his mature age, Mr. Matheus believes in continuous learning. He seeks knowledge at all times, especially if it will benefit his work in the hotel kitchen. He also applies the principles he learned in a personality development course called Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which had greatly helped his outlook in life.

• Creative when it comes to dishes and other cuisines
• Desires to further improve the working conditions in the kitchen
• Takes the initiative to train subordinates who lack knowledge in kitchen operations
• Has commendable work experience in his field

• Lacks persistence
• Has the tendency to be disorganized at times


Mr. Matheus has been the SOUS Chef of Hotel Jameson Jaya for approximately two years. Before joining Jameson Jaya, he worked for another five star hotel and was part of the kitcken operations for 26 years. According to Mr. Matheus, majority of his responsibility as the current SOUS Chef involves the supervision of all the kitchen and restaurant staff.

Mr. Matheus has commendable work experience and is hard working. He is flexible and is eager to respond to change despite his mature age. He values harmonious work relations with his subordinates and co-workers. He fosters an environment characterized by open communication lines in his department. He is a team player and a participative leader. He has the desire to further improve the working conditions of the kitchen, especially the hygiene and sanitation practices and the production of quality products.

From the data gathered, Mr. Matheus’ work experience is considered to be of high relevance to his current position. His desire to improve the working conditions and staff comprising the kitchen is also an indicator of his knowledge in this field and of his initiative. Mr. Matheus’ contribution to the F&B department as the SOUS chef is considered to be of high value. His knowledge and skills to improve the condition of the kitchen where he currently works is much needed, but his mature age hinders him to further advance in his career. It is for the above- mentioned reasons that Mr. Matheus is advised to remain as the SOUS chef and be considered as a Kitchen Specialist. Furthermore, should he retire in the future, Mr. Matheus can be offered to conduct in-house training for Jameson Jaya to share his knowledge and expertise in his field.

(You can download excellent powerpoint slides about personality and career management HERE ).