Marketing Mix and Marketing Management

(You can download excellent powerpoint slides about blue ocean strategy HERE ).

The company successful in achieving the market target has been measured depends on the company leader in deciding the particvular market targeted that has been planned by arranging comprehensive marketing plan or marketing mix. Marketing mix must always-dynamic characteristic, must always adjustable to both the external and internal environment. The external factor is the factors beyond the company range, such the competitor, technology, government order, economy condition, and social culture environment. While the internal factor is the variable in the marketing mix, such : Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

Marketing definition according to Philip Kotler is : “ Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individual and group obtain what they need and want through creating, and exchanging product or value with other”. And according to William J. Stanton is : “ Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and distribute want satisfying product to target markets to achieve organization objective.”

Marketing consider as the whole business activity system that designed to arrange plan, deciding price, present promotion, and product distribution in the way company desires and satisfy the targeted market to achieve the organization purpose.

The Marketing Mix according to Philip Kotler is : “ Marketing mix is the set of marketing pattern that the firm uses to pursuit its marketing objectives in the target market.” The Marketing Mix according to William J. Stanton is : “Marketing mix is the term that is used to described the combination of the four inputs that constitute the core of an organization’s marketing system. These four elements are the product offering, the price structure, the promotion activities, and the distribution system.”
By the definition above, we may conclude that the marketing mix is the combination of several points, and the four variable of the core of the company marketing system and controllable by the company at the most effective way. (You can download excellent powerpoint slides about blue ocean strategy HERE ).

Those variable classify to be four main group called 4 p’s :

Generally, those four variables define into explanation below :

The definition of Product according to Philip Kotler is : “A product is a thing that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need”. Product is something to offer to the market to get attention, buying, using or consume to fulfill the desires or needs.

The definition of Price according to Philip Kotler is : “ Price is the amount of money charged for a product or service.” Broadly, price is the total amount that being exchange by the customer to obtain a benefit of the product or service owning.

Stanton define Price as : “ Price is the amount of money or goods needed to acquire some combination of another goods and its companying services.” Price is the element of the marketing mix who stable in certain period but at one moment the price might be increase or decrease and price become as the single element that revenue from the selling.

The definition of Stanton is : “Promotion mix is the combination of the operational selling, sales person, public relation. These are the promotional tools that help an organization to achieve its marketing objective.” While according to Phillip Kotler promotion is defines as : “ Promotion includes all the activities of the company undertakes to communicate and promote its products to the target market.”

According to Phillip Kotler the promotion tools is defines as below :
A personal promotion of a goods or services performs by a notice sponsorship.

Personal Selling
A personal selling performs by the sales that try and persuade to sell product.

Sales Promotion
An activity to support the customer acquiring program whom willing to buy the company’s goods or service.

Public Relation
An indirectly advertising activity, where the company promotes widely their product or service, uses the communication media.

Place (Place or distribution)
The definition of place according to Philip Kotler is : “ The various the company undertakes to make the product accessible and available to target costumer.” Many activity held by the company to make their product is easily to obtain and available for the targeted customer.

The decision about the location decision and channel used to provide services to the customer involve the thought about how to deliver or accomplish the services to the customer and where it has to be performs. This must be consider because in the services field is frequently can not deciding where to produced and consumed at the same time. The distribution channel must be seen as a bunch of organization who interdependence each other, involved in the product/service providing process to be used or consumed. The accomplishment in the services company must cooperate with the agent and location to reach the wide spread out population.

As one of the marketing mix variable, place/distribution having very important role in supporting the company to ensure the product, because the purpose of the distribution is provides the goods and services that needed and desired by the customer at the exact time and place.