Three Basic Principles of Brand Management as Your Key Success to Run Your Business

Have you ever dreamt about building your own business? Well, there might be half of the people in this world have ever dreamt about having their own business, even though only once in their life. Then, what kind of business they want to run? I am sure that half people in the world will say, “I want to open a café because I love cooking.”

The other half may say, “I want to open an architect consultant because it is a trend.” Yes, there are two different answers. However, from those answers, we can conclude that people open a business based on their capability or according to a trend.

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Whatever the reasons are, it shows that, basically, everyone wants to create his / her own business. Opening a new business is not as easy as you think because there are many considerations. The most difficult thing may be about what kind of business you want to open. Yet, it also can be the easiest thing if you have already known what kind of business that you want to open.

The second difficult thing is choosing your brand management. I am sure that most of people will agree with this.

A brand for your business is something that can attract or even drove away the customers. Brand management is about not only a brand, but also a symbol of your business. Here, I will tell you three principles of brand management. People agree that it is great to have a brand, which is different from others and profitable, whether from the symbol and the name.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on marketing management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

The first brand management principle that you have to know is you have to focus on your business. For example, if you have a bakery shop, then it is important to make it as a real bakery shop. Do not add too many varieties of business in one business (bakery shop), but make many varieties of products.

You may be able to earn a lot of money by creating more than one business in one store because you have everything that people need on your store, but you lose your identity. Take a look at Holland Bakery, it is only one business, but it has many varieties of products.

As a result, when people want to buy a cake, Holland Bakery is their only option, even though there are many other bakery shops. The second thing that you have to know is you have to make a unique brand management, which is the most important thing of your business.

Make it specific but simple and unique, so people will know and easy to remember your brand management. If you create a complicated word, it will kill your own business because people would not remember your brand since there are many businesses that are the same with yours.

Last, keep your communication simple. Focusing only for the essential because mostly people would only remember what the product you sell is. It is also important to make a good packaging to impress your customers.

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