Tips for Success in Job Interview

A lot of people get nervous and sometimes even blackout when preparing for a job interview. It truly can be a very unnerving experience especially if it’s their first time. Staying prepared will greatly enhance people’s confidence and knowledge and help them handle the situation in the calmest manner.

It’s important to know some of the basic questions that might be asked as well as take on the proper attitude that will help achieve the position. Here are some tried and proven tips for success in job interview.

1. Research the company. Knowing some of the basic things about the company will give the interviewer the idea that the person is truly interested in joining and having success in job interview. It’s best to visit the official website or talk to someone who has been working there for a number of years.

Get a brief background and history of the group and then learn about their mission statement and vision. Also get familiar with some of the products and services. Have a very solid reason for wanting to join the company and know a few names, particularly the name of the founders, current heads and the interview panel. These information can also be obtained by asking for company literature.

2. Preparing for the questions. People who wish for success in job interview should make a self-assessment then determine the key traits they possess that will best fill in the desired job and position.

Name 3 to 5 strengths and weaknesses. When naming strengths, be sure to say these in a very calm tone so as not to send an overly confident appearance. The strengths should ideally suit the requirements for the job description such as having good communication skills, having leadership abilities or being able to work well in a team.

When naming weaknesses, these should not entirely be negative but a drawback. For example people can say that they tend to be perfectionists or cannot tolerate when other members in a team do not pull their weight. It’s best to mention circumstances to better describe these. It’s also ideal to have more strengths than weaknesses but never say that weaknesses are non-existent.

3. Practice. People should practice for success in job interview by standing in front of the mirror and then dressing up in the clothes they will be using for the occasion. Always dress sharp and stand tall. Make the necessary adjustments to the attire as needed. They must practice speaking in front of the mirror and listen to the sound of their voice. Always speak in a controlled and clear tone that’s audible enough for everyone to hear.

Provide very clear and straightforward statements and avoid using words that are hard to understand or very lengthy sentences. Keep the hands at the sides and avoid mannerisms. Slight gestures are allowed. Look at the interviewer straight in the eye when answering and listening to questions.

4. Memorize and understand. Keep a copy of the resume during the interview as a source of reference. People can review their notes and stay prepared for the interview to maintain a calm composure but they shouldn’t look at these once the interview has started. One of the best tips for success in job interview is to stay focused and calm. Memorizing some of the key aspects will help but fully understand the details to be able to discuss these accordingly.