Training and Development of Human Resource

Between training and development, they have a different purpose. Training aimed at improving the ability of individuals according to the current position or job.

The objective of development is to improve the ability of individual employment. It is really important to the interests of office or employment in the future. With different objectives, then both of these also have a different target. if training is intended for short-term performance, the development is intended to long-term performance.

Talking about training and development, there are several types of training that can be done for the development:

a.Skills training; training is often found in organizations. Program carried out is also quite simple. Assessment criteria used is the effectiveness of training on targets identified.

b.Retraining; retraining given to the employees who need the skills necessary for them to cope with the demands of work that many changes. One example is if you had a lot of media use manual so now prosecuted separately using a more modern media.

c.Cross-functional training; training involves employees to conduct field work activities other than work assigned.

d.Creativity training; creativity training is based on the assumption that creativity is something that can be learned. Purpose of this training is to provide employment opportunities to match the capabilities.
The programs of training and development

The things that need to be done in training and human resource development are: developing leadership, building the spirit of togetherness and teamwork, improve personal work, as well as enhance and build loyalty and improve individual performance.

Some programs are expected to be able to build their human resources in terms of leadership, discipline, responsibility, self-sufficient, able to work with a team, and easily adapt to new environments.

Personality development not only serves as a character builder but also builds discipline and soft skills of each individual. Training and development activities are conducted in the open; it is also able to provide many advantages.

With proper training materials, participants are expected to achieve positive goals as human resources better. Nature offers many beautiful and varied objects that can be used as a medium to carry out activities to develop quality human resources.

The method of training and development

The form of training on the job training:

a.Coaching: in this case the employees are guided by more experienced employees; this method will be effective if the period of extended guidance.

b.Job rotation: on this occasion the participants were asked to move from one section to another within a single company, the way this is done to train the managerial process.

c.Apprenticeship training; process is learning from more experienced employees to new employees.

d.Training job instruction, in which case it shall be laid out all the steps in the proper order. It is because this process is given for work that consists of a sequence.

e.Planned progression; prose is a transfer of employees through the different levels of the organization.

f.Temporary assignment

g.Formal performance appraisal system; through an award or judgment is expected to provide credit for the completion of tasks that have been given.