Workload Analysis and Job Performance

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Mr. George has been working in the Engineering department for 28 years. He is knowledgeable in his field and has vast work experience in doing his job. He uses a technical and systematic approach in performing and finishing tasks and prefers to attend to one matter at a time. His job requires high accuracy and precision skills, which he confidently posses. In 1977, his performance was recognized by the management and was given the Employee of the Month award. At present, he is happy and feels that he has an advantage compared to his peers because of his educational background and tenure in the hotel.

Mr. George feels that despite his Assistant Chief Engineer title, the responsibilities and workload that he has to deal with are those of a Chief Engineer. In AIS, he is responsible for controlling and monitoring all engineering operations and employees. He prefers working with a team and instills to his staff the importance and benefits of having teamwork. He also fosters clear communication lines in his department and has daily briefings with subordinates to inform them of the work at hand. He is a hard worker and gives a prime on the quality of result presented to management and client. It is for this reason that he expects no less but the best output from his subordinates and ensures such result by training and guiding them constantly.

According to Mr. George, most of his problems emanate from malfunctioning and broken equipments. When these situations happen, he has to make quick decisions and be innovative in coming up with a resolution that would both be economical and effective. He narrates however, that these quick fix solutions are only applicable for minor repairs. He cites the incident wherein he took the initiative of changing burnt out lamps in the apartment before consulting his supervisor about his decision. For bigger problems, he prefers to consult with his property manager so he would know how much is the allowed budget to make such modification and solution. When this happens, his pace in decision- making is affected negatively and causes delay of action.

Mr. George tries to uphold his commitment to customer satisfaction by doing what the customers/tenants expect of him. He is, however, restricted to immediately act on their request because of the policy. In AIS, the customer must pay first to the Accounting office before anybody from the Engineering department makes the repair. When he is assigned to do the repairs, he focuses on doing his best and most of the time, tenants are satisfied with his service. According to him, there are times when they are unable to attend to the complaints immediately due to the lack of equipment. When faced with this scenario, he calmly and politely explains to the guests the situation and would usually succeed in pacifying them. Furthermore, he does not hesitate to attend to a complaint even if it is beyond his working hours.


Mr. George seems calm and humble. He speaks honestly and explains well, though his job does not require much on the socializing side. He prefers to work with a team and does not like to be in the spotlight, even if he is the leader or the decision- maker. In social relationships, he is outgoing and likes to make friends. He displays stability in his work and is able to conform to routine tasks feeling satisfied and contented.

In so far as emotional nature is concerned, he has a high tolerance for errors and is able to control his emotions well. It maybe that he is liked by his team because of his patience, on the other hand, he may be too lenient when some strict controls should be exercised. Meanwhile, he keeps himself up to date with the latest technology and trends by being open to change. He is open to new knowledge and welcomes the opinions and suggestions from others especially if it is for the improved of operations of the engineering department.


• Endorses teamwork
• Modest and humble
• Tactful and is considerate of others
• Open to change

• Low confidence
• Unable to make fast decisions
• Shows high dependence to superior


Mr. George Sumartono has been working since the start of construction of the hotel in 1974. At that time, he was regarded as the “expert” in the Engineering department, hence the appointment to his current position in AIS. His responsibilities as the Assistant Chief Engineer involve controlling and monitoring of all Engineering operations as well as the engineering staff.

Mr. George comes across as a modest and reserved person. He does not speak much of his achievements and maintains a low profile. He is open to others’ opinions and suggestions and takes them in consideration when making a decision or implementing an activity. He attributes his achievements and other successes in his career to the good communication and teamwork that exist in his department. He prefers to focus at one task at a time and gives his best in his work all the time. He has high regard for details and accuracy for it is required in his job. He is able to make quick decisions and resolutions for minor problems, but prefers to consult the Property Manager for tougher and bigger dilemmas.

Based on the above findings, it is suffice to say that Mr. George is currently happy and contented in his position. He possesses the appropriate knowledge and skills thereby making him the right person for the job. Despite this, he does not demonstrate any potential for further development. For this reason, Mr. George is advised to remain in his current position.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.