Assessment of Sales and Marketing Manager

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Mr. Jack is able to attend to a number of tasks simultaneously. He practices delegation of tasks to his subordinates, monitors their tasks in detail, but ultimately he is still in control. He displays an increasing interest in personally handling details of a project or situation. He enjoys his job and is a “smart worker” rather than a hard worker. According to him, he has been able to achieve more than his target sales twice. At present, his contentment and joy he has for his job is highly evident.

Mr. Jack admits to be a strict and controlling leader. He shows a high level of confidence in exercising his leadership role and authority. He is highly pragmatic and bases his decisions on the most logical of reasons. He characterizes himself to be a quick decision maker and a risk taker. Despite these positive indicators however, it appears that Mr. Jack is not able to portray this role confidently as he is new in the working environment and is still adjusting to the situation.

Mr. Jack has been with Hotel Sun Jaya, Jakarta for six months now. During this time, he has been able to accomplish several tasks that have manifested his creativity. His accomplishments include the establishment of flexibility rates (especially for government clients), administration of sales, standardization of weekly and monthly reports, promotions to the media and cooperation between and among departments.

Mr. Jack is aware of the service- oriented organization that he belongs to. Moreover, he is also very much aware of the importance of customer satisfaction to the business of this hotel. It is for these reasons why he gives a prime on the satisfaction of his clients.
Mr. Jack appears to be physically fit to meet the demands and stress that is associated with his job. More importantly however, his intellectual and mental well being is also at their peak. He prefers to work at his own pace, but always sees that he delivers on time and with a quality result. He strictly adheres to the hotel’s rules and guidelines, but does not need close supervision from his superior.


Mr. Jack appears to be sociable and comes across as a pleasant person. From his profile, it can be inferred that he is a “natural” introvert, but due to the nature of his work he is forced to modify his behavior to be able to deal with a number of clients effectively and create a good social relationship with co- workers. Given a choice however, the probability of Mr. Jack choosing a one to one interaction over a group interaction is higher. He also has the tendency to be temperamental, but is able to suppress his emotions to maintain smooth interpersonal relations with co-workers and clients. Currently, he is still adjusting to the way of living in Jakarta and is coping gradually.


• Strong familiarity with Sun culture
• Fairly good English speaking skill
• Commendable work experience in Sales and Marketing
• Has the initiative to establish personal relations with co-employees from other departments

• Innately an introvert
• Temperamental
• Needs time to adjust


By order of the Board of Directors, in December 2001, Mr. Jack was transferred from Sun Jaya, Lampung, (80-room hotel where he worked for seven years), to Sun Jaya Jakarta and was appointed Sales and Marketing Manager. While in Sun Jaya, Lampung, Mr. Jack has been able to acquire lengthy and commendable work experience in hotel operations. His most recent achievement in relation to his experience with Sun Jaya, Lampung is the aggressive advertising and promotions that he did for the hotel, which resulted to the dramatic increase in occupancy rate and the revival of the popularity of the hotel to the public.

Mr. Jack is a quick decision maker and a risk taker. He is adept to handle a number of tasks simultaneously and gives a high regard to details. Admittedly, he is a strict and controlling leader who fosters open communication lines within his department. Despite his introvert nature, he is able to deal effectively with clients and socialize with his co- workers. He holds a positive disposition and enthusiasm towards his work. He speaks fairly good English and appears to be pleasant. He is happy and content with his current role and responsibilities.

From the data gathered, Mr. Jack appears to be qualified for his current job position. His lengthy and commendable work experience with Sun Jaya, Lampung has equipped him with knowledge and skills that is of high relevance to his position as the Sales and Marketing Manager. Moreover, his ability to effectively deal with clients despite his introvert nature makes him a valuable contributor to the hotel’s business. His work experience, attitude and personality allow him to achieve his current goals and possibly pave the way for greater achievements in the future. It is for the above- mentioned reasons that Mr. Jack possesses the appropriate skills, disposition and work experience suited for his job and is, therefore, recommended to be included in the future career advancement programs of the hotel.

However, Mr. Jack still needs time to adjust and seems to take longer than is expected which is now irritating his colleagues and staff. The coming of a newcomer from a less than 100 room hotel to a 670- room hotel, from a small city to a big city and occupying a managerial posting are all creating a demotivating scenario. Moreover, the fact that “power struggles” are also present in the department has created more issues and has resulted to unhealthy competition and conflicts at work. It is recommended that this problem be addressed immediately to restore and boost the work morale considering that the sales and marketing department is the “nucleus” of hotel’s business.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and Marketing Strategy HERE.