Financial Controller and Profit Orientation

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and Management Skills HERE.

Mr. Johny is focused and persistent in handling his work assignments. His preference is to do one task at a time so that he can be sure his tasks are properly accomplished. More of a smart rather than a hard worker, he is able to look for ways and means to meet his objectives and support company’s operations. Mr. Johny tries his best to function effectively in his current position. His accountability is to ensure that the company gets more revenue supported by accurate data and reports and makes effective use of company money by applying procedures strictly.

Mr. Johny is an analytical type of worker. He plans his work in advance to avoid gross mistakes. He usually makes financial forecast in monthly basis so that he will just control and evaluate it at the end of the year. He puts his high attention to the accuracy and completeness of detailed work and is highly meticulous in managing his tasks and activities. He claims that there are procedures to follow in doing the accounting tasks and everybody must implement it correctly. He will only delegate minor tasks to his subordinates, and look at the summaries they have been completed in detail.

As leader, Mr. Johny mostly applies his social skills and communication especially to support and motivate his subordinates at work. He gives them freedom to do their way, however he demands them to follow procedures in finishing their tasks. Moreover, he explains the effect and consequences if they are not working within the procedures. He is strict towards rule breakers and will reprimand necessarily to his undisciplined subordinates. He even has fired employees several times because they are cheating in reporting the sales income. Mr. Johny can be expected to make fast decision but he claims that it has to be backed up by accurate data. He claims himself as a profit oriented person who always thinks about revenue when taking his decision. He is cautious in spending money and thinks that all managers should not only think operational wise but also revenue wise where they do not just spend but also think of investing money.

Mr. Johny is already familiar with his job and knows exactly the financial situation of Sun Jaya hotel. He knows his job by heart and no need to be closely supervised by his superior. However, clear rules and procedures are very important for him to guide and back up in giving action and taking decision.


Mr. Johny comes across as a calm person with pleasant personality. He is an outgoing individual who can easily establish good rapport and communication with others. He can relate well with group as he claims that he always encourages working as a team when motivating his subordinates. While he has warmth and empathy in dealing with people, he is able to detach himself necessarily from them to maintain his objectivity. It is imperative that he maintains this behavior considering the confidential nature of his job and his role.

Mr. Johny claims himself as direct to the point and open in expressing ideas and feelings. He will use logic and diplomacy to support his opinions. He will assert views but not in forceful way to avoid clash and confrontation with others. An adaptable individual, Mr. Johny is able to adjust to diversified situations. He is open-minded; he will consider others’ inputs and will not resist change.

Mr. Johny is reasonably happy and contented worker and feels that his contributions have given significant impact to the company after it was badly affected by monetary crisis. He thinks that there is still a good career prospect for him in the hotel operations, and he wishes to be in the General Manager position someday.


• A persistent and smart worker.
• Believes in teamwork.
• Follows procedures strictly.
• Good analytical ability and profit oriented.
• Systematic, accurate and meticulous.
• As leader will use his communication and social skills.

• Can be rigidly systematic, lack of flexibility.
• Being a safety player, he needs clear rules and procedures; back up data and sufficient time to take action and decision.


Mr. Johny obtained his Sarjana degree in Accounting from Gajayana University. His work history in Sun Jaya hotel started about 5 years ago when he was appointed as Chief Accountant. He was assigned to set up the accounting system for their new hotel chain in Jeddah for 6 months in 1999. After completing this assignment, he was promoted to Financial Controller and holds this position up to present. Reporting directly to the Finance Director, he is responsible for controlling money in and out of hotel operations and supervising 10 direct reports.

Mr. Johny comes across as a calm yet friendly individual. He projects a mature and humble personality, but puts strict adherence on rules and accounting procedures in handling accounting matters. As leader, he applies teamwork and uses his communication skill to persuade and motivate his subordinates. A profit oriented person, he considers pros and cons when spending money and always thinks about giving more revenue for the company.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Johny has the appropriate skills and knowledge required in the current role and possesses positive work attitudes in conducting his current role as Financial Controller. He is analytical and accurate; applies care and objectivity in taking his decision. He is strict but communicative leader who always emphasizes on working as a team. He is profit oriented and is highly concerned about following procedures to achieve cost efficiency and these are significantly valuable to this hotel. For these reasons, we find Mr. Johny highly recommendable to be given the opportunity for career advancement in the future.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and Management Skills HERE.