Secretary to General Manager

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Ms. Ira appears as a hard intense worker who constantly prefers to finish tasks as best as she can. She is willing to stay in the office until late night to get things done. She displays such work spirit to prove her dedication and responsibilities to the job.

At present Ms. Ira has no opportunity to demonstrate her leadership skills as she has no subordinates. In dealing and building cooperation with others, she tends to give freedom and trust for them to do whatever they think is the best thing to do. She is fairly slow in making decisions as she takes many factors into consideration before an action.

Her work tempo, on the other hand, is pretty fast. She is also a vigorous type of person – meaning that she has inner force to continuously move in a series of actions to get jobs done. Indeed, the combination of her fast pace, vitality and vigorousness has largely assisted her to become a versatile employee. Her vigorousness, however, may also irritate others and she can be portrayed as too demanding lady.

Ms. Ira is a systematic and very organized employee. She constantly organizes her plan into a series of orderly activities and then executes accordingly. She also pays attention to detail and continually follows the procedures when she is finishing her tasks. While this pattern may help her a lot in organizing her activities, it can also suppress her opportunity to undertake creative endeavors and initiate major changes in her surroundings.


Ms. Ira appears as a sociable person who enjoys interacting with many people. At first impression, she comes across a bit detached, however, as the interview progressed she became more relaxed and friendly. She projects herself as enthusiastic and energetic person who is responsive to others. She also has tendency to craft close and long lasting relationship with other person or institution to whom she can trust. Emotionally stable, she is a person who generally does not like monotonous and routine jobs and more excited in dealing with a variety of works.


• A highly spirited and motivated worker
• Energetic and full of vitality
• Has high willingness to learn
• Very organized person

• Needs to improve her English language skills
• Her vigorousness may irritate others


Ms. Ira started her career in Sun Hotel via job training program in her school. Her official job training program is actually only two months but, in her case, it was extended to six months due to her good performance. Despite the fact that she was not given any compensation during her training days, she continued working as she regarded this as a valuable experience. After eight months internship, she was officially hired as junior secretary to GM and in 2000 she became secretary to GM.

Ms. Ira impressed us as an energetic and dedicated employee. She projects herself as a hard worker who displays enthusiasm and dedication. She continuously plans her tasks systematically and is quick to get things done. She also has willingness to learn as she admits that she is still young and has many things to explore. One of her learning priorities is upgrading her English skill.

Overall, Ms. Ira enjoys her work in Sun Jaya Hotel and continuously seek challenges to further improve herself. The synergy of Ms. Ira’s personality, work spirit and potentials make her appropriate for her current position and lays the foundation of even higher success in her future career. We recommend to maintain and further develop talents like Ms. Ira.