Performance of Engineering Superintendent

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Mr. Gugi prefers to focus on one task before starting on a new activity, but still manages to be flexible in his job. He finds enjoyment in his work, yet displays a high need for achieving higher successes in his career. He is a practical thinker and implements solutions that has worked for him in the past to the problem that he is currently faced with. He shows high regard for details and ensures that all his reports to his supervisors are equipped with all the necessary information. In addition, he also prefers for his subordinates to submit reports that are very detailed and are equipped with the most vital of data.

Mr. Gugi shows confidence in exercising his leadership role and authority. He has the tendency to be uncompromising leader, but claims that he only shows his “toughness” as a leader on a case- to- case basis or whenever he feels the necessity for it. He finds ease in making quick decisions, especially if it involves the customer’s concerns. He also has a high sense of responsibility and perceives the Engineering department to be the support or “backbone” of other departments and the whole hotel.

Mr. Gugi is resourceful and is able to find quick solutions for a problem. He believes that one should be able to make the most of the available resources instead of continuously complaining about it. He upholds his commitment to client satisfaction by attending to the guests’ complains personally. He claims that he prefers to do things himself, especially if it involves guests’ satisfaction, for he feels that he would be more competent in giving a more detailed explanation and eventually, convince and pacify them. While this may be right at times, it would be more proper if Mr. Gugi starts to train his staff to understand the technical aspects of the problem and delegate details to them rather than personally handling minor tasks. This tendency may immerse him into many less important details at the expense of the main objective of his role.

Mr. Gugi appears to be full of energy for his job. He shows mental and physical fitness that are required of his work. According to him, he prefers to make his rounds and be “on field” rather than be confined in his office and do administrative tasks. He claims that by visiting and inspecting hotel premises, he is able to see for himself the condition of the hotel’s equipment and monitor the staff. Therefore, he finds this style of “management by walking” as an efficient, detailed and accurate way of reporting to his superiors an authentic account of the current scenario and problems.

Being a relatively new member in Sun, Mr. Gugi appears to be coping with the change remarkably. According to him, his coping mechanisms involve knowing the rules and regulations of the hotel and strictly following them. Despite his status, he displays a very low need to be closely supervised by his bosses.


Mr. Gugi comes across as an extremely serious person. He claims however, that his serious exterior is only confined to work for when he is at home or with friends, he is quite funny and sociable. He gives great importance to having a good communication system in his department and desires to share the same type of communication with other offices in the hotel.

He shows low emotional control and admits that he has the tendency to succumb to his emotions, especially if he is dealing with an uncooperative subordinate. He asserts his ideas when he feels that it is of high importance and even has to force the management at times to approve his project proposal. It is because of his assertiveness that he has been able to get approvals for three of his proposals namely the replacement of the piping system, replacements of carpets in the 11th- 14th floors and the purchasing of a new chiller. He speaks much of his achievements with relation to his career and appears to be proud of them. Furthermore, he desires to have feedback and be recognized by his superiors for his work and efforts.


• Performance and output oriented
• Addresses problems immediately; risk taker
• Displays high confidence in a leader role
• Proud and assured about his technical competence
• Fosters open communication with staff and co-workers

• Low tolerance for lazy and manja workers
• While his reasons may be right, as a manager, it is suggested that he learns to taper his emotions in a more professional fashion.
• Desires to quit smoking


Mr. Gugi has been with the Sun for roughly three months as the Engineer Superintendent. He is in charge of the building maintenance, engineering departments and the capital expenses and investments of all Sun Hotels. In Hotel Sun Jaya alone, he is indirectly responsible for 75 staff members from the Engineering department who are considered to be toughest workers in the hotel.

Mr. Gugi is a strict leader. He is also a performance and output oriented person. He gives a high regard to details and prefers to attend to tasks one at a time. He displays flexibility and appears to have the ability to cope with change fast. He tries to foster an open communication system within his department and desires to share the same system with other offices in the hotel as well.

He displays ease in making quick and fast decisions. He is highly pragmatic and prefers to implement solutions that he himself has been able to prove to be effective. He has high energy for his job and possesses mental and physical fitness to endure and cope with the demands and stress associated with his work. He is communicative and is able to assert his ideas to the management. He displays confidence in exercising his leadership role and authority for he believes that he is competent in the role. His forceful nature is called for in situations usually in relation to disciplining uncooperative and unreasonable subordinates. He has high respect for authority and shows a desire to be acknowledged for his achievements and efforts.

From the findings presented above, Mr. Gugi possesses the right technical skills and exercises the appropriate leadership style in his current role as Engineering Superintendent. He is performance and an output oriented worker and has the ability the make the most of the available resources. Furthermore, his assertiveness and communication abilities are deemed to be of extreme significance and high value to this hotel. It is for the these reasons, that Mr. Gugi is recommended to be given an opportunity for further career advancement in the near future.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.