Being an Effective F & B Manager

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Being still very new in her job, Ms. Nina has shown a great deal of talent and space for improvement. Her cheerfulness has enabled her to adapt to her new working environment. She admits that she is happy and contented with her work now, but still has a lot more to learn to improve her work quality.

Her day-to-day tasks are maintaining existing clients in the travel segment and she does this by doing regular visits. So far, she claimed not having any complaints giving us the impression that she can do her job well. She faces a big challenge to reach the designated monthly target/revenue. She realizes that she is not able to accomplish this alone, which is why she believes in teamwork and cooperates with her group to reach the target. She reports her progress to the F & B Manager.

Ms. Nina finds joy in her work because she showed enthusiasm even during hectic banquet nights. She claims that she cannot stand still and do nothing until the job is done and successful. In doing her tasks, she seems to be the person who is observant regarding small details and will do parts of the work one at a time than rather trying to finish the whole thing as fast as possible. This shows a steady work pace.

Her sociability skills enable her to handle and manage large amounts of people especially during banquets. During times like these, she takes charge in handling the clients. This was proven in her first banquet of 1,000 people that was held in Puri Agung. To her, this was also one of her biggest accomplishments being able to handle a big event for the first time. Her decision-making skill is not utilized that much since she always consults with her seniors and boss. She admits that she still has insufficient knowledge and authority to make decisions.

In handling customers, Ms. Nina knows the rules and always compromises to satisfy them. She claims that during times when faced with difficult customers, she would maintain her good manners and be patient in explaining while trying to solve the problem.


Ms. Nina’s social nature is one of her strengths. She enjoys people interaction and can easily establish rapport, a work trait, which is appropriate for people-related positions. On the contrary, despite this strength, she is currently fighting her way to be accepted in the sales team. She feels that there is internal competition amongst her fellow sales colleagues and feels she is being underestimated probably because she is a junior. Confronted by this situation, she seems to find refuge by seeking approval from the people around her.

Ms.Nina aspires to take excel in department where she is right now, the food and beverage. She also wants to improve her language skills since she meets foreign guests in the hotel. This indicates that Ms. Nina is determined to build a career in the hotel business so she is preparing herself ahead of time. On the other hand, when asked about her career goals, she admits that she is confused whether to pursue further education like a master’s degree or culinary arts.


• Eager to learn new things
• Adaptability in new working environments
• Sociability
• Aggressive and highly spirited worker

• Unclear about her personal goals
• Inexperienced needs more exposure and training


Ms. Nina is relatively new and is still adjusting to the work environment in a hotel service industry. To date, she displays extra effort to be in the running and to be recognized by her teammates. Her training days as a daily worker seemed to have provided her with the tools to face the challenges, and she is coping fairly well.

Her interpersonal skill and adaptable nature are her strengths, which greatly support her in the competitive work group where she is now. Despite the jealousy around her, she seems to be handling it with style and diplomacy. She is aware of her junior status thus she keeps her pace gracefully.

Admittedly, Ms. Nina has still a lot to learn and has the potentials to take up a sales, marketing or guest relations type of job. Given the proper exposure, guidance and training, Ms. Nina is a possible candidate for further career development. We recommend her for your own evaluation.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.