Career Development as A Wedding Consultant

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Ms. Kiki projects herself as a person with a high need for achievement. When handling her tasks, she would put extra effort and work very hard to ensure that everything is running well and finished on time. In assuming the role of leader, she is less likely to use formal authority or line of command to instruct her staff. Instead, she gives freedom and empowers her staff. Although she has no strong tendency to control others, she has high need to be forceful. This means that she demands her staff to demonstrate best efforts in accomplishing tasks. She also relies on working procedures and job description and periodically checks the work and action of her subordinates.

Her years in accounting department seems to have transformed her into an organized person who continuously plans her activities systematically. Attentive to details, she will be exact and methodical who would focus on accuracy. Her work style, therefore, makes her appropriate to handle facts and figures, typical in an accounting set-up. When it comes to decision making, she is confident to handle minor decisions. In her past and present positions, she had limited authority and when major decisions are required, she would seek the advice of her superiors.

In dealing with customers, she applies a win-win approach. She persuades her prospective clients by explaining rather than concealing facts and consequences. In negotiating with clients, she strictly adheres to the company’s rules and procedures and never tolerates nor entertains. Her firm commitment to the rules has helped her to build a clean business in her department.


Ms. Kiki appears as a friendly and polite lady. She communicates her ideas articulately. Her social nature is not that of an extrovert type who likes to extensively engage in social chit chats. She prefers to orient her working days to finish tasks than to interact with many people. While this indicates that of a highly task-oriented worker, at present, Ms. Kiki is apparently working into modifying her behavior to deal with her guests in the wedding department. Emotionally stable, she presents herself as a calm and soft spoken person.


• Very organized in planning her activities
• Honest and high moral integrity
• Projecting role of hard worker

• She tends to set high expectations and standards that may irritate others
• Needs to upgrade her English language skills
• Negotiation skills should also be improved
• Needs to modify social skills


Ms. Kiki spent years as secretary in other firm before joining Sun Hotel in 1992. She started her career as secretary to GM for four years before she was transferred to Accounting department.

After spending 5 years in Accounting, she was moved to Wedding Consultant Department with one additional mission that is to investigate an anomaly that has long been suspected happening inside the department. Ms. Kiki through her resourcefulness and assertiveness managed to expose the facts and figures linked to the case. Indicators showed that her experience in accounting and detailed workstyle technically supported her in this mission. She was successful in unveiling the corruption case and has installed a strict control system. Since then, honesty and clean business prevails in this department.

Ms. Kiki projects a person of integrity who cannot tolerate such malpractices. She is eager to spark her best efforts to finish task. Forceful and demanding, she constantly organizes her activities of work with a plan. Exact and methodical, she likes to support her work and findings with facts and figures and not by simple verbal statements.

The combination of her integrity and work spirit gives her fruitful potentials to contribute more to the hotel. However, in order to be more effective employee, Ms. Kiki should be aware of her tendency toward perfectionism that may upset others. An area to improve would be her interpersonal and negotiation skills is she is to be retained in the current position and department. Moreover, she should also develop her leadership skills as she has displayed marginal performance when leading others.

Based on the information gathered, we find Ms. Kiki has positive work attributes and traits – honesty and integrity which would make her a valuable employee to any organization. However, management should take into consideration her work profile if she is to maintain this current position. From the profile, it shows that she has the typical accounting profile rather than that of sales. We recommend her for your further evaluation and career development.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.