Diploma in Marketing Advertising

Ms. Eggy is an easygoing type of worker who sees work as something not requiring intense effort. She does not show any strong ambition in developing her career in Sun Jaya hotel; she says that she wants to set up her own business in the future, which is a beauty salon. Relatively new in Sun, she is now assigned to handle airlines industry account, as she claims that she had a hard time in achieving the target due to the static business condition of the airlines business. There are only 30 airlines companies, which she must approach to achieve the sales target.

Ms. Eggy is more of a practical worker; most of the time she uses personal approach in promoting hotel rooms and facilities. She regards the contact persons – the managers of airline companies, as her friends. She claims that she never gives up and puts on aggressive approach especially to new prospective customers. She brings complimentary cakes, invites them to the hotel and entertains as necessary to close the deal. Being flexible, she accepts customer’s invitation for lunch or dinner and will adjust her schedule to meet such important appointment.

Her leadership skills seem to be not fully developed yet. At present, she is more of a good follower who likes to support and abide by her boss’ direction and instruction. While she can work with minimal supervision, she needs reassurance and support when doing her job. She reports that the sales and marketing team is not solid, causing a non-conducive working atmosphere. There are cliques within the department who are competing to achieve the biggest sales. She thinks that it is coming from unclear line of authority in the sales and marketing department.

As to problem solving, she claims that her major problem is coming from unhealthy working relationship amongst colleagues though she does not have any difficulties in solving work related problem. As a new staff, she prefers to work according to her job description and procedures and will ask her boss’ support and suggestions when she feels under pressure.


Ms. Eggy comes across as an easygoing person with an air of arrogance; she is the type of person who wants to give a positive initial impression. She is very open in explaining the uncomfortable situation in the sales and marketing department and shares her feelings about it. Her social nature shows her to be a socially extroverted individual who likes interacting with people. She loves being with people and meeting new friends.

As far as her emotional nature is concerned, we find her to be sensitive in relating with people and this may lead her to be biased in seeing things and be somewhat subjective. Indicators show signs of internal restlessness meaning she has a tendency to get bored easily if the job becomes routine and monotonous. She claims that she likes challenging work and gets motivated handling difficult tasks. Ms. Eggy does not like antagonistic situation. As much as possible, she claims that she prefers a calm and harmonious working environment rather than face conflict. Thus at present, she concludes that there is no point in being assertive but prefers to stay passive and just do her tasks according to the direction and instruction of her direct boss.


• Practical and action oriented.
• Flexible in managing her tasks and activities.
• Able to work on several tasks at a time, likes challenging tasks.
• Adaptable and can adjust to any situation
• She enjoys meeting clients and will spend extra time to build and keep good relationship with them.

• Tendency to be disorganized. She admits that she forgets things easily.
• She is not very focused and tends to be easygoing in her work habit.
• As to her emotional nature, she may tend to be subjective in seeing things and relating with people.
• She tends to be restless, and can get bored easily when job becomes monotonous.


Ms. Eggy got her Diploma in Marketing Advertising from University of Canberra, Australia. She joined Sun Jaya hotel in late 2000 as Sales Executive and holds this position up to present. She is one of seven sales executives and is under the direct supervision of the Director of Sales and Marketing. She is responsible for managing the airline companies plus other companies located in MT Haryono – Tomang area. Her daily activities include conducting sales calls, visiting prospective customers, and handling administration matters.

Ms. Eggy’s major strength is her social skills. She is outgoing and likes meeting new friends as well as customers. She even treats her customers as friends. She enjoys the challenge that goes with the job like achieving the sales target and feels an accomplishment when she can finally get the project. She reported that she ranked fourth in the total sales achievement last year, and claims this as one of her greatest contributions.

As to her areas of improvement, she tends to be easygoing and not quite focused. She revealed that does not want to stay long in Sun and plans to manage her own business once she gets married. Her restlessness and tendency to get bored easily indicate that she is always in search of new things and new challenge to keep up her motivated at work. She is sensitive, and can get emotionally involved. She may tend to be defensive towards criticism.

Based on the above findings, we find Ms. Eggy currently works for the sake of working. Basically, she has good potential suited to a sales position; however, she does not aspire to occupy a higher position. Moreover, the unharmonious working atmosphere in the sales and marketing department has badly affected her work spirit. Her future plan is no longer focused to her sales career in the hotel but to work on her own business once she gets married. For these reasons, we have reservations in recommending Ms. Eggy for further promotion.