Job Description and Job Performance

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Mr. Jameson is a theoretical type of person who likes to analyse and handle problems carefully. His daily activities include evaluating the work of his staff, coordinating and monitoring what was briefed in the morning, and reporting to property manager. He makes suggestions that would ensure higher efficiency and effectiveness in executing job responsibilities in his department, delegation of tasks to his staff and a more systematic and organized system to monitor their performance. He is also able to perform routine tasks satisfactorily and claims to love and enjoy his current job.

Mr. Jameson performs his work according to the job description. He adheres to the regulation firmly and has extremely low tolerance for disobedient staff. He is at ease in giving his subordinates autonomy in doing their job, for their work and duties primarily consists of routine and monotonous operations and has no need for spontaneous decision- making or actions. He still checks with the shift leader and goes on site to see whether his subordinates are able to perform their work according to the rules and protocol. He shows good example to his staff instead of merely telling and ordering them around. Furthermore, he is kind to his staff and motivates them for doing a good job by buying them a drink and acknowledging their work, but gives them a definite warning if they fail to comply with the procedures.

When there is trouble, he organizes his staff to work as team in searching the causes. Mr. Jameson emphasizes the value of teamwork for he believes it to be more effective and less costly on manpower. According to him, he gathers his staff and together, they work on a solution to a problem rather than just relying on one person to be the problem solver. One example of a successful operation as a result of their teamwork was when he along with his team was able to apprehend a person who kept on crafting the elevator wood. According to him, when he became the Assistant Chief Security there was a dramatic decrease of criminal occurrences in the Apartment.

Mr. Jameson tries to please the guests by making them comfortable and ensuring their safety. He offers to check all packages of the guest before they receive as a precautionary measure for any dangerous explosives and the like. He takes customer complaints seriously and acts on it immediately.


Mr. Jameson appears to be a calm person. He is more of a listener and only talks when he feels it is necessary. He explains his opinions and ideas to other people “panjang lebar” and likes to give views and ideas based on his own assumptions. He prefers to be a “just another face in the crowd” and would rather help in conceptualising policies and procedures or proposals of organization for panels rather than be in the limelight. He supports teamwork and appoints leader in the group, who personally reports to him. With regards to his social nature, he admits to be selective in relating to people. He is active in organization as a “conceptualiser” and is able to work alone. He able to makes relations that goes beyond work but still maintains distance and does not get too emotionally involved.


• Projects himself as disciplined employee.
• Displays analytical skills.
• Established a conducive atmosphere in his work group

• Has the tendency to play favorites. Conscious of social and personal relationship with subordinates rather than people management
• Feels that he is not taken seriously by his staff because most of the time, he gives them advises instead of issuing a warning immediately.
• Lacks involvement in teamwork and would rather be a supporter.


Mr. Jameson has been working in Sun Sun for 23 years, but has been with Apartment Istana Sun (AIS) for seven years. His first job in AIS was a security supervisor for one year and then advanced to become a senior supervisor. He was promoted as Assistant Chief Security and holds this position up to present. He loves his current job and is comfortable doing routine and monotonous work. His responsibilities in ASI involve managing the security staff to ensure the safety within Sun Sun area. He also coordinates with the Chief Security from the hotel since they are in- charge of the safety of almost the same area.

His work is comprised mostly of administrative tasks such as evaluating subordinate performance, monitoring area of responsibility, preparing the agenda for tomorrow, and reporting to Property Manager. He gives high emphasis on teamwork and strictly follows the rules and procedures. He sets good example to his staff by complying with the rules and by being prompt for work. He acknowledges his staff’s good performance by motivating them and by giving rewards and other incentives.

Based on the above findings, Mr. Jameson seems appropriate for his current position but does not display any potential for further development. Therefore, he is advised to remain as Assistant Chief Security and is not recommended for further promotion.